1;2 Step Two – Feel Your Emotions – Therein Lies Your Power for Happyness

I hope you enjoyed your day of being honest about everything around you.  No matter where you are in the vortex of life, flying up off the ground, swirling around in your own hurricane called life, the First Pathway is still your attitude because it is the lens that filters everything you see, feel, touch and say.  The exercise works to help you see what’s happening around you and not TO you.  Honesty is the first step, but today we are on to Step Two and that is to FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS.  Seems easy huh?  OK, then try this!

Today don’t be afraid to cry, or even scream in your car when you are alone and safely driving with two hands on the wheel.  Try it.  I dare you.  Don’t be afraid to tell everyone exactly how you REALLY feel today.  You are HUMAN and we have emotions inside that drive our actions, thoughts, voice and even intentions to get something done or not done.  Feel the RAW power that is your central vortex of your own hurricane.  It IS POWERFUL, but first you have to access it.  Really.  FEEL IT FOR YOUR SELF.

Stop holding back and let yourself be POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!  You’ve been holding on FAR FAR to long and it’s time to give yourself the validation to feel like YOU!  You are in control of this journey so be careful who you listen to.  Who is REALLY controlling you and your emotions?  Go back to being honest, because this journey is progressive, so you are always welcome to stick to a step for another day or hop around, but if you get to far ahead of yourself, you will miss the meaning because you haven’t really taken the time to STEP and progress forward.

Just like the movie Inside Out, we are a walking talking BALANCING machine of emotions and society, your family, your friends and more importantly, your SELF impose all types of rules and regulations on how and when to act a certain way.  Well, today is your day to FEEL how you really FEEL and then be honest about it.  Don’t procrastinate and say, Oh, Well, I’ll do that tomorrow…  I haven’t thought about how I really feel…  Not Today Josephine…  Maybe Tomorrow.  NOT!  Show some COURAGE to FEEL and DIGEST what has been going on around you because it all has to come back to you or it will just stick in your hurricane circling you over and over and over and over.  Take it in.  Let it settle.  Scream.  Run. Yell.  Bake Cookies.  Pet your dog.  Take your dog for a walk.  Let it diffuse it’s way into your vortex.  It’s really not bad, I promise.  It’s like taking horrible tasting medicine.  Just swallow and drink lots of water.  And you KNOW what I am talking about.  You KNOW that funky pill you’ve been avoiding is right there just waiting…  You are more powerful than that stupid pill.  Put all your grief and baggage and stupid shit in it and SWALLOW WHOLE!  You’ll be happily surprised that it doesn’t hurt after all.

Then, Shut up and DANCE!  Do the car dance when a good song comes on, turn it up and SING!  In the privacy of your own home or in front of your neighbors, just let it out! Feeling makes you FEEL ALIVE!  How can you feel alive if you don’t really FEEL what’s going on?  That’s Not LIVING.  That’s dying.  Face your fears head on and then they are OVER!  Just like starting a big project and it seems insurmountable, until you take the first step, and then it’s doable.  Just have your big glass of water ready to go and SWALLOW!

Today you need to drink a LOT of WATER!  The more you drink the better the day will go with feeling, swallowing and dancing.  Dancing let’s all that energy out.  BE your own hurricane and SPIN!  The need will come and go, but I promise you will smile more and more today!

Have Fun,