1;3 This is just a Phase – Release Anger, Guilt and Fear for Happyness

Finding the root cause of so much tension, stress and latent anger will release your feelings of dis-ease with your life.  This step takes time but only true focus and special intentions will help you through with grace and ease.  Your presence is required or the patterns will keep sending you around the vortex of your hurricane, until you are really honest with yourself.  Now is the time.  Quit putting this off.  This is exactly what you need to jump the hurdle set in front of you, because the finish line is just up ahead.  Keep moving forward even if you feel as if you are standing in your tracks.

Evidence based research studies have concluded that there is indeed a link between anger and cancer and I will give you the link in just a second. And my own experience is concurrent with the studies.  What I will tell you is that within two years of a diagnosis there is most likely an emotional catastrophic situation sitting in your past now continuing to manifest itself in your body because it has not been fully expressed.  This is true for mostly women but men also.  This is exactly why you have to start with being honest with yourself and start to sink into your emotional body and feel what is going on beneath the surface.  What did you find?

Just know that you’ve just scratched the surface as the underlying anger, fear and guilt will work to perpetuate itself into other parts of your life and show up when you least expect it.  Remember, your body is a magnificent machine and until you work out the underlying issues those feelings that have been repressed will keep affecting everything in it’s path, acting like cancer if not cancer to turn every health cell in its path into a cancerous won to join it’s rebellion against the host.  Guess who the host is?  You, of course. The journey has always been your decision and now it’s time to get off the merry go round and hanging out in your comfort zone, because to get what you really really really need, it’s time to dig in and head towards the peaceful center at the eye of the storm.  Ride that wave.

To help give you some more direction, today’s activity, if you choose is to read and understand the body of growing evidence pointing to your emotions and situations in life that start to show up as disease because they start out as every day stress.  Then, after they’ve become chronic stress, they can turn ugly if not properly cared for and handled.  What I know is that once I found out that genetically I could not have my own children, then my world went out of control but one little thing at a time until I didn’t notice all the signs in my face.  Soon, I became lactose intolerant and it just kept getting worse.  But I didn’t put all the signs together, not yet. Then I went through an international move and chose to leave my life behind for another one.  Once there, my relationship changed and eventually became severely unhealthy.  But still, I pushed through the emotions to try and make it work.  But nothing was working and soon I was headed back to the states with my dog and a suitcase leaving behind so much of what I thought was my life.  These things take it’s toll of your body.  Not even life as a yoga teaching vegetarian could protect me from its wrath.

Today, keep scratching through the battle wounds and layers of scars to find what has always been obstructed for so long. If you think you know what it is, sit and think about it.  Write it down. Leave a question mark behind it. Then, let it go for a bit and come back to  it.  Does it still resonate with you? This isn’t a test.  Today you must focus on the thing that you don’t want to face. Keep going.  The more you face right now, Today, the better and easier and happyer you will be when we get to the end of the series.  Issues may come up out of no where to surprise you.  Expect that.  When they do, just let them unfold in front of you.  Don’t be scared.  Don’t shut them down. Let them all come to the surface like bubbles in champagne. They come up, and pop open and then they dissolve.  Eventually.  But first they must release their contents and that’s where you get to acknowledge them so that they can release their contents. Think Champagne.  Pop! pop pop PoP!  Keep going.

Research Driven Links Between Anger and Cancer