1;4 Tap Your Inner Timelessness – Stay on Point

Focusing on your own path instead of other people’s will open up a space in time for progress to happen.  Staying connected deep within your self is not selfish but grounding.  Stay THERE. Breathe. Depending on your preconditioning and culture, you may want to distract or numb yourself – DON’T.  Catch yourself and say, Not now Josephine.  It’s time to make time for MY self and not everyone else around me.  Listen to your SELF.  Is that your belly talking or your monkey mind trying to take you around in circles again?  Differentiate between the two.  Try to avoid getting caught up in what we think we need to do and start to hear your own true inner voice because it’s always talking to you – but many times you can’t hear it over the vacuum effect of the hurricane you’ve created.

This is getting harder, I know.  That’s the point.  It’s called Inner sweating.  This is hard stuff, but only for the first few times just like anything else.  You’ll be great.  Just keep breathing.  Staying grounded and staying in the present will open up so many new doors for you.  Keep all that other noise at bay. Focus from within and let it take you somewhere new and beautiful. Do not be afraid of the unknown, because that is where true happyness has been all along.  Just turn off the hurricane, or slow it down for a second or two at a time. Go towards the center.  Feel the stillness and get out of the grey madness so you can see what is in front of you for the first time. Stay THERE.

Now try closing your eyes to all the distractions and just breathe.  Uncross your legs and uncross your arms, relax your shoulders, and unclench your jaw. RELAX in your seat where ever you are. Feel your heart beat for the first time. Really feel it beating. That is YOU.  You are the watcher watching over your world.  Stepping away gives you enough distance to let the world meet you with all the goodness you’ve wanted.  It’s all just waiting for you to expand enough to see what is up ahead.  Taping into your inner eye of the storm is exactly what is needed to stay not only on point but IN the point. That little sphere will grow once you are there and it’s all love.  Let it blossom and expand. Opening new doors all along the way. Blowing down issues that you don’t need to meddle with. Let it all go, just for some time.  Once you come back to it, it will have changed, because you have changed.

Expand. Grow. Keep GOING! Be open to newness because it is only made up of your path. You just haven’t seen it in awhile.  Smile as you continue to breath and feel light as if you are floating in nothingness.  Be Happy.  Let it Happen.