1;5 It’s Your Choice – It’s all You – Now Choose Love

It’s always been your choice.  From the beginning and even now, even today YOU get to choose the path. Choose Love.  Choose Light.  Choose Lightness.  Remember that you are only human, so be nice to yourself along the way. We are not invincible, but we are immortal after all.  How will you accept the challenge?  Because along the way, you will encounter all sorts of opinions, suggestions and even pressure to change your own mind.

When it comes to your heart, stay in your body and learn to recognize deep inner happyness because it will be as light as a feather as compared to just a pattern of happyness which is fleeting, chaotic and heavy on your mind.  Finally break the pattern of giving to much for so little in return. You are not small. Shore up the leaky boat that can’t say no to water or you will never find heights of ecstasy. Get real. Get out of your mind and into your inner strength to find out the answer as if you were an eight ball with an answer.  You will be surprised.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had no idea what to expect but the daily unfolding of my path was taken with caution since everyone around me now had a common goal – and that was to kill the cancer cells and leave the host alive.  That was me. My entire body became elastic as the port was installed to help my heart process all the therapeutic toxins at once.  Unless you need chemotherapy, you will need to process heavy doses of toxic emotions on your own and at your own pace.  Or, you will get scars around the injection site. But you have thick skin and an elastic heart. Keep fighting for your own piece of happyness in wellness.

You are surrounded by distractions, we all are.  Yet every single day you make choices that affect your future.  Don’t be so flippant. What if this decision meant life or death? Make those choices from the eye of the storm rather than from the outskirts of the hurricane where you are bombarded by everything you haven’t processed just yet. Years ago when I was first diagnosed, I was in a relationship that was superficial, like I had been before the diagnosis.  It may have felt good at the time, but it was a heavy addition to my life boat. So, once I started understanding that every little ounce of energy was needed to fight the bigger battle of cancer, then I was faced with the decision to lighten the load while on my boat of life.

My expectations for love fell drowned along with my superficial self.  It hurt, but it had to happen.  I was in the process of picking out a new boat.  All I had was faith and an elastic heart to take on the fear of the unknown. It was no different than life itself.  But now, now that my life seemed limited by the disease was I finally able to make conscious decisions that promoted a better outcome. Before I knew it, I was on a luxurious yacht with only the best team of friends, doctors, supporters, caregivers and family as my course corrected itself towards love and light. My intention was to forever heal myself and that’s exactly what happened.  I chose Love. Love for myself and stopped giving away my energy to others that I just couldn’t take with me on the journey.

When you are off the charts and drifting in the ocean, do not be surprised by the islands of fear that will pop up seemingly out of no where. Or how your feet are starting to get wet and the shore up ahead turns out to be a mirage. Or how your boat slowly diminishes into a leaky canoe with only one seat.  Know that it’s your decision to move forward or with faith and love life will surely course correct itself.