1;6 Pay Attention – Listen to your Body and Quickly Learn – Happyness has a path

If you haven’t been paying attention to how your body responds to life, then this will be a little wake up call.  Because your body is constantly sending messages to you, but sometimes we get so distracted looking for answers outside of our bodies that we completely miss the right answers that we’ve known all along to be true.  Don’t do that.  Be silent.  Pay Attention. Listen to your body.  When you do, you’re body quickly learns.  It doesn’t take years or lifetimes to do this.  But what it does take is patience to get off the merry go ground and into the sacred space.

You know your body better than any doctor. It’s true. You just have to pay attention. Personally, I am old school and have journalled most of my life.  I like to write things down by hand.  But very few things.  Special things.  Words. Emotions. Dates. Experiences.  So do what feels good to you.  I also have a spreadsheet of my health that includes measurements, weights, pulse rates, white blood cell levels, etc. from the past 30 years or so.  I pay attention.  And what happens when you look back at all the data is that you will start to see patterns.  Patterns connecting to your lifestyle at that moment. How you feel about something directly affects how your body responds to life.  There is a direct connection.  If you haven’t started a journal or opened an app to take verbal or typed notes, then please, by all means, START TODAY!  It will serve you well throughout life.

Pay attention to which foods make you happy and which foods make you belch. Serious.  This is not a marathon, because you get to start over every single day to get it right, so get off the lazy train and make it work for YOU.  Be in the silent space where everything comes together and you KNOW you are on the path towards happyness and wellness.  Get it?  They GO together.  Put yourself in a happy situation.  Surround yourself with incredible people that GET you and support your lifes work.  The Path of Least Resistance is just that: Go where you are loved, cherished and adored.  It will feel weird at first and you may even shoot out of there because it’s just odd at first, but soon you will return and that’s perfectly fine.  That space is always there for you to be loved,  listened to and even leaned on.  You’ll be back.

Remember, when you don’t listen to your body then you are back on the merry go round.  It might be slower and seem like a new place, but it’s just slowly bringing you back around to your path and with your own insight you will instinctually  know when to get off and at that perfect time you will continue moving forward with grace and love because by then you will be listening to your own true heart – even when you are not focused or paying attention. Your body already knows.

When I was sick, I became my own mad scientist and used that spreadsheet of my health to help guide my own healing.  Besides the Oncologist, I also met with different types of healers to ascertain my dilemma and together with both East and West healing modalities did I find a balance that has served me well over the years.  Besides the surgery, chemo and radiation I also overcame being lactose intolerant and had to ultimately give up being a vegetarian to get my body back on a healthy path.  Only now am I finding more and more joy in life as the fear of recurrence has completely subsided.  Whatever you are battling will also subside, but you have to put down your clever.  Just like the time I gave up guilt for Lent!  It takes time.  Just breath and document of course!  Find your happy pattern and then REPEAT.