1;7 Catalyzing Change = Empowerment and THAT Exudes Happyness

Congratulations!  You’ve made it to the sweet spot in the first Pathway to Happyness and Wellness.  I interchange those two words because they meet each other and manifest into your life every moment.  It’s that simple.

The past six steps were digging in to find, listen, release, feel and then transmute the energy into action!  That kind of action is completely empowering.  To finally say what you really meant to say.  To think about something that is begging to make a change and only you can make it happen.  That is what I’m talking about.  It takes time and sometimes there is a cohort of others alongside you, egging you on to keep going.  Those people are your true friends.  They are your angels on earth here to love and protect and provoke you.

You really can’t try to do this, because it just happens and sneaks up on you when you least expect it.  But once you see the pattern, you can repeat it over and over.  It will feel different each and every time, but the fact is that each cell in your body will complete a huge wave throwing up their little non-hands from your toes to your scalp and THAT feels amazing.

It starts when you see something happening that is just not right to you.  It’s unsettling.  WTF? And instead of turning away and going in another direction, you stay the course heading straight there to see it happen again.  Hold the space.  Breathe.  Smile. Know that you are there for a reason.  You may not know just exactly what for or why and it may even feel prickly, but by now your feet don’t work so you are witnessing the emotions that go along with the experience.  Drink it in with every pore in your body.  When it’s over, it’s over.  Continuing with life may include dreams, journalling, walks in nature, and just sharing it with friends until then it happens.  You instinctually know what to do next.  Really?  OK.  But do I have to?  Now insert the passion that comes from deep down in your soul.  There is a spark there that wants to come out as a full flame.  You will have to move out of the way or you will get burned.  Serious.  I’ve tried it.  It’s not pretty when you think you can dance around the flame or just sit in it for a bit.  It may show up as denial or betrayal or greed.  Take your pretty self to the sidelines for a bit and just let it do it’s thang.  When it is ready, it will show up in and around you and it may be discomforting, but don’t be shy.  You have the courage for this.  You were built for this.  Exactly these things are what you are here for!

Catalyzing change is scary and empowering at the same time.  But it sets you up to reveal your strength to not only everyone else but more importantly yourself.  It’s the major A-HA at the end of the first pathway to Wellness and Happyness.  From here, you will be inspired to move forward in so many different and unexpected ways.  Just that one act will set off a ripple effect of beautiful, and surprisingly happy experiences that are just waiting for you!  Congratulations, Really.  Hold this experience in your heart with joy and keep coming back to it.  Really?  That was ME?  Wow!  I AM amazing!  It’s all You baby, All You.  Now sing this song with me!