2;1 Creating Your OWN Dream Team for Happyness and Wellness

Welcome to the second pathway to wellness and happyness.  Originally, this pathway was intended for those with a disease or illness yet it is relevant to everyone in life no matter what you are dealing with.  We all may be dealing with something in our lives that we didn’t expect or maybe a loved one is going through this phase and you are their caregiver.  Either way, I will try to be a general as possible so you can find happyness along the way!

This entire pathway is about creating your own dream team in life no matter if it’s for a disease, cancer or pregnancy or just to inspire you to take better care of yourself.  Remember that these are all secrets shared with me while I was going through breast cancer, but they make sense and I am taking you through one baby step at a time.

Pathway one was on purpose so you could start paying attention to your emotions and being honest with yourself even if no one else is privy just yet.  So this is for everyone around you in life.  Who supports you?  Who is your accountant?  Who do you visit.  Where do you go often?  We are all creatures of habit so take a BIG look at what you’re doing, where you are going and with whom you are seeing.  Remember the hurricane metaphor about your life?  Look around, no matter where you are, and what do you see?  What is flying around with you?  What is above and below and on the other side staring back at you?  Be HONEST (yes that word again…) because it’s so important, especially now.  All the time – NOW.  Just then – NOW!  Because all of these people places and things make up your reality.  Do you like it?  Is there anything you would change?

Because they ALL play a part in your health wellness and happyness.  So, the question is – Are they supportive?  Do they listen?  Are you more cautious about THEIR feelings than your OWN?  Is it time to weed your garden of friends?  Do you loathe going somewhere?  Then DON’T.  Do you wish you could do more of X and less of Y?  I’m serious.  Take today to make a mental tally.  Take notes.  What are you surrounded by, right now?

I will tell you that I believe in Feng Shui, or the art of things and their placement.  I am surrounded by only things that bring JOY and happyness to me.  If I see something and it makes me think of something unpleasant then it GOES.  This goes for furniture, clothes, and stuff in general.  If something outside of your body has a negative effect on you, then you could try putting it all in a box or donate it?  The same thing happened when I had cancer.  I had to change everything in my life to focus on MY healing and not everyone else’s sensitive feelings.  When you are on medication, taking chemo, or getting radiation, your time becomes instantly uber-valuable.  No more dilly dallying about like time will never end.  You might try thinking about making your home a sacred space.  A place where you can find respite.  If you are uncomfortable in certain clothes, then make a pile.  I only wear clothes that make me feel fabulous.  It’s that simple.

The same goes with your doctors and medical team.  Interview everyone.  Get referrals, but then see if they really make YOU feel like they have your best interests in mind.  I even had to boot a few boyfriends along the way because they weren’t really on board with my internal focus.  You know why?  I was giving THEM all my energy and now I HAD to have it for myself.  Now I have AWESOME men in my life that have their own energy and not all of mine.  Serious.  If you’ve always hated those shoes, then throw them away!  Give them to someone that needs them!  Just be RID of that stuff.  Only fill your life with people, places and things that you ADORE.  Start Today – start NOW.  It’s YOUR life!