2;2 Be Your OWN Science Project and Calculate Happyness Through Wellness

This second pathway will help you define your own happyness through wellness when you focus on you as your own science project.  You know those skills you use every day to work on a project?  You have an idea, you start researching things you don’t know, then you start to understand new concepts that help you get closer to achieving a goal.  Well, THAT’s how you can start thinking about you and your own life.  Your wellness and happyness is a project and YOU are the mad scientist!  Get MAD because you are more important than anything else in this life.  Yes, and especially if you have kids and loved ones because YOU know yourself BETTER than anyone else.  Better than your doctor.  Better than your spouse.  You know You.

What’s mad about a mad scientist is that they follow clues and make hypotheses about very specific anomalies.  For example, when I was told I had cancer, I immediately didn’t believe the doctor.  How could I have cancer?  No one I knew of had cancer in my family, and I took great care of myself, ate well, never smoke, hardly drank, taught yoga and pilates, and had been a vegetarian for years, so what ARE you talking about?  (See right there, I was in full on denial.  That’s why the first pathway is all about your mind as I continue…) So, when I talk about food just as serious as I talk about thoughts, remember that they ARE BOTH foods for your body.  You can eat all the healthy food you want, but I was thinking horrible maddening things about situations that were happening around me as my life went through a massive earthquake of sorts.  Within less than a month, I lost my husband, my home, my country, my money, my things, ZAP!  So, when the doc said you have cancer, I was WELL BEYOND denial, I had detached from my body and I was in la-la land pretending everything was A-OK because nothing was in my control.  Nothing except my thoughts, words, actions, and intentions.  And they were trying to protect me which was no use.  I was like the Sacred Mother Tree in Avatar that gets taken down by an attack and no one believes that it could go down, but it did.  Game Over.  Or that’s what it felt like.  Big nasty hairy fire drill where I exited out the back door and just hid thinking it would blow over, no biggie.  NOT.

When I finally woke up, I was in the middle of chemotherapy having visions of Angels and Light.  Everything had changed.  I was the MAD scientist trying to figure out how to get back to ground zero from outer space.  It worked.  Take notice of what’s going on in and around you because life is a beautiful mirror reflecting you back at you.  Life is full of clues and lessons but only if you can process the data coming in every second of the day.  And that itself is why there are seven pathways because it is a balancing act.  Sometimes we think we are on the right path, and then BOOM everything starts falling apart.  At that point, it’s best to come back to center, go to a movie, find joy in the little things, bake something and then try a different idea or direction.  Finding your passion is just like this if you aren’t listening or paying attention and continue ramming your head in the same direction over and over.  Sometimes, like me, you can be SO stubborn about things that your world calls a Time Out on you.  That’s OK.  It’s nothing but growth ultimately.  You are just finding your stride.  You are stronger than you can even imagine.  We have amazing bodies that are constantly working, processing, digesting, focusing, breathing, regenerating, and even fighting cancer every single second.

Becoming your own science project means STOP adding more data for a moment.  SLOW Down, for goodness sake.  Let it all go and see what comes back to you.  Get a massage.  See a funny movie.  Call your mom.  Be with Friends. Ride your bike to the pool.  Make Hummingbird Muffins using grilled pineapple, gluten-free flour, and organic bananas.  Do something that makes you smile!  Wear that awesome outfit you’ve been saving… Saving for WHAT? Today is the day.  Wear it!  Beautiful jewelry always makes me happy and whenever I wasn’t feeling super fabulous, I’d always wear something stunning just so when I looked in the mirror, it would make me smile.  Try it.  Today.