2;4 Find Inner Knowingness ~ Then Decide How To Respond for Wellness and Happyness

Research aims to test a pathway and then report side effects and outcomes so that other people can get the best possible solution for their intentions.  For instance, if you have a flat tire, research has been conducted to design the best and easiest solution for people that may end up stranded out on a highway by themselves.  It’s already built into your car.  It’s hidden, but it’s there.  Just like a pattern.  Just like an app.  When you have a flat, you may know where to find it, or you can check your owners manual to get instructions.  Instructions on how to change your tire fast and get back on the road.  This is a simple example, but it is how our bodies work when we are feeling an emotion or dis-satisfaction with our life also known as dis-ease.  The challenge is when we don’t THINK we have access to our own owners manual when we need guidance to fixing a flat tire while we are on our road of life.

This is where we need to turn to others who are also on the same pathway, passing by when they pull over and say, Are you OK? Do you need some help?  Just say YES.  You are this person.  I am this person.  We offer help to our friends, family and strangers in many ways all the time.  Just say YES.  Trust in the process and allow others to help you.  They are sharing their own owners manual with you and this can happen with having them in the process.  SHARE.  They might not even say a thing, but they are holding the space in between the space for you to make the connection that will only make sense to YOU.

Earlier this year, I ran into a friend that shared a lead for a job and sent me the application via text.  I filled it out and within 24 hours I got a reply and an invitation to interview.  The call came when I was with a friend at Tiny’s and she said, I know it’s last minute, but could you come in today after lunch?  Looking at my watch, I quickly calculated the time I needed to dash home, get out of my yoga clothes and into a dress and back to the interview site.  I felt panicked and excited to get the call and out of desperation for a job, I said YES.  What I failed to complete was all the research I personally undertake prior to meeting them that caught me off guard.  Not to mention the fact that I felt the interviewers really pushed me to fill in gaps where I was going through some big transitions in life until finally I felt like I was completely uncomfortable sharing personal information.  Yet, I put on my happy face and kept going through the interview.  (DENIAL) It was on my way home that I had a flat tire while on the highway.  It seems that on my way onto the 610/290 interchange, my tire got sliced going through construction and by the time I cut over 12 lanes of traffic to get onto 290 W and the traffic slowed down, a guy in the car passing by caught my attention and pointed down.  I just knew what had happened and then turned on my blinker to get to the next exit and the pathway just opened up and within seconds I was on the feeder driving slowly to get off the road so I could call AAA.  It was seriously, that fast.

The point is to take CARE of your SELF first and then you can be healthy and happy enough to take care of others.  I’ve found in life that when I was sick, all my friends at the time were sick and we comforted each other through our sickness.  When I was going through a divorce, I seemed to know all sorts of others also going through a divorce and together we supported each other.  Just like teaching yoga, I know all sorts of yoga instructors and we are all working to offer great classes for people to come in and get their healing fix.  Like when I was in my car, the guy driving by saw what was happening and pointed down at the ground as he passed by me.  Check out your neighbors.  SEE what is going on around you.  They are MIRRORS for you to see what is going on inside yourself.  THEY can see things you can’t.

What if I had ignored the neighbor that was pointing down at me?  What then?  I would have driven forward, past the exit and gotten severely stuck on the highway causing all sorts of harm and backing up the highway for miles. Then, everyone passing me would slow down to check out WHO was it that started this whole back up!  People could have snarled at me for not listening to others because now I was in harms way and to everyone’s detriment.  Be OPEN.  Say YES. LISTEN to Others.  Be Careful about what you are giving off, because it will show up in your life, as your friends and those passing by may have a message for you.