2;6 Welcome to Your New Bubble for Wellness + Happyness

As life continues to take new turns as this example centers on being diagnosed with Cancer/Divorce/International Move, you will soon get to know your new bubble.  Because as soon as you know that you’ve got to get something done to help you into remission and a NED (No Evidence of Disease) state of living going forward, every single thing changes, and then nothing changes at all.  Let me explain.  Before I was diagnosed, I was in denial.  When I had a lumpectomy to remove the tumor from my breast, I actually thought I was cancer free.  (Not so fast!)  And then I found that I was surrounded by healers because as I continued with my normal life, they would look at me different.  They would take me to the side privately and ask me how was I doing.  The kind of interest that is in your space close.  Looking into your soul type of looks and knowing.  I knew that they knew what was going on, yet I still seemed a bit surprised before just telling them what was going on.  And then, they would start telling me things to do, how to eat, what to breathe, what to think, topics to research, and so on.  I still have one list that started everything from my dear friend Thia McKann, who as it turns out was a pathologist and knew what she was talking about. Little did I know that I was surrounded by everything I needed to make the journey before I had even accepted the fact that I was about to plunge head first into the cancer world of the unknown also while going through a divorce and having had just moved internationally back to Houston.

While at the same time, people, colleagues and friends seem to just know what’s going on before you do and they may either be pushed away from it, or they will come out of the woodwork for you.  It’s seriously what happens.  People that you just know will be there for you seem to disappear and can’t seem to get to you because of stuff that pops up.  Then, there are those new friends and random people that seem to run into you with exactly the information or support you need.  Just like guy #169 from the networking event in the 2;5 segment!  That’s what I mean about welcoming you to your new bubble because it becomes a breeding ground for you to heal and get to where you need to be during your journey – and that’s FORWARD!

This is also where I started compiling so many suggestions, references, secret suggestions and items I am now telling you all about.  I remember one such friend who was totally fun and out of no where she meets me for lunch and then starts to tell me about her own disease issue and how she found an alternative healer that turned out to be the only person who actually healed her!  Plus, she took me into the bathroom and showed me how to do muscle testing and we laughed so hard when I brought up a guy I was dating and little did I know that that would also be ending abruptly.  Everything that happens seems odd and weird and not what I had intended and definitely not what I had expected, but THAT is the point.  Healing is all around you AND at the doctors office.  I know that I needed both Western and Eastern healing to get the job done.  I have always been the bridge in between two different dichotomies.  It all makes sense NOW.

Another new friend from a luncheon I attended suggested that I start blogging about my experiences after I complained that all my friends were all over the world and I felt like I was a tape recording having to rewind-play, rewind-play, Yes I’m OK – play!  I started with Caring Bridge and I ended up blogging every single day I was on the juice (which is my slang term for the hots stuff also known as chemotherapy) and then I started my own blog when I just couldn’t quit.  The funny part is that it was my way to get it all out of my brain, like a download of what I had found that worked for that day.  Putting together fine little clues so that I was smarter the next day about this process.  And then I would actually freak out when I received random messages, emails and responses saying – Thank you for being the only one to tell me how NOT to puke!  etc. etc.  Coming from France and Switzerland I coined the phrase New Normale in 2007 because it was my European friends who were the biggest proponents of what I was doing.  They could NOT believe I was doing fine and would actually live through it all.  It was my new normale.