3;1 Nutrition as 3rd Pathway to Happyness – Step One – Protect Your Digestion

Stepping into the third pathway includes aspects of nutrition to heal your body, heart and mind.  Being mindful of the nutrients that work to not only nourish your body but support a lifestyle are paramount.  The first segment of this pathway is protecting your digestion.  This is especially true for those going through any type of cancer therapy, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.  In my experience, digestion and elimination are the first step to healing.  There are a few items I will suggest, but keep in mind that every person is different, so take the time to notice if it’s working for you or not.  You hold the keys to your own healing!

Aloe Vera Juice – This is a potent healer that you can purchase by the gallon at a local health food store.  There are even special versions with additives to support stomach health.  What was suggested and worked for me, was having two bottles of juice, one at home to start the day off and one at work to drink before lunch.  The point is to take a swig out of your own bottle, unless you want to pour it into a cup every time, and drink the recommended daily dose on an empty stomach upon rising in the morning.  This will help to soothe your digestion and even help you enjoy food a little better.  It worked for me, but by the time I was done with chemo, I couldn’t bare to think about Aloe Juice ever again!  But you’ve got to do it.  It will help to condition your digestion from being inflamed by the therapies.

Here is an excerpt about hair follicle cells and how they mimic those of our digestive tract : http://cancer.about.com/od/chemother3/f/hair_loss.htm
Cancer cells divide at a high mitotic rate, meaning they divide quickly — much more than most of the cells in our body. Chemotherapy drugs work by targeting these rapidly dividing cells. Some cells in our bodies do rapidly divide, like our hair follicle cells and the cells in the lining of our stomach and digestive tract. Chemotherapy drugs simple cannot tell the difference between these normal, rapidly dividing cells and cancer cells, so the drug attack these cells as well.

Some of the newer cancer drugs are more precise in targeting cancer cells. This is why some people do not experience chemotherapy induced hair loss. There are varying degrees of hair loss, regardless of chemotherapy drug type and regimen. Some people will only experience thinning of the hair, while others will suffer from complete hair loss. This can also be related to the dosage of chemotherapy — lower dosages of chemotherapy sometimes equals lesser side effects, meaning little or no hair loss.

Barlean’s Greens – When I was first diagnosed, so many new people came into my life and one sat me down and explained that she knew of people that actually healed themselves of cancer with this supplement.  And I have to tell you that I swear by it.  There are different types of Green’s and I think I have tried them all.  The one I was on for so long was the Chocolate version, and then I tried Green Vibrance for a bit.  It just depends on your taste, but there are different versions of the original Barlean’s Greens.  Keep it in the refrigerator and in the morning, after the Aloe, mix a scoopful with good water and drink it.  It resembles what manna would be like!  I call it the flora fauna for your gut because it is green.  But it will turn your entire immune system ON  and I always feel so much better once I’ve had my greens in the morning.  You must try this!  And when I use my Nutribullet to make a breakfast drink, I have been known to throw in a scoop of Barlean’s, whole peeled garlic cloves, a scoop of Maca, spinach and flax.  My body doesn’t like sugar first thing in the morning, unless I just sit down and have a bowl of fruit for breakfast.  Every day it’s a bit different for my breakfast, but Barlean’s greens on their own, first thing in the morning and only after Aloe if you are on heavy doses of chemotherapy, is perfect.

Test yourself out.  It’s easiest to try these in the morning after you’ve been fasting all night.  So avoid the coffee and just try it with water.  Then, see how you feel.  Find a journal and document what happens.  By noon you will know if it’s a good thing.  And if you still can’t tell, then try the same thing for a week in the mornings and see how you feel by the end.

The point is to help your body get rid of the cancer cells.  Help your body build healthy cells.  More killer cells is a good thing so don’t forget to laugh!

Just be particularly sensitive to what you do first thing in the morning and compare the notes to how you are doing eliminating every day.  With the Greens, you will most likely visit the restroom within minutes of your first drink.  Which is great news, because without a hearty digestion, you will inhibit excretion and that’s exactly what you don’t want.  The goal is to eliminate every single day around the same time.  Your body is testing you and your knowledge to see if you are listening to what’s going on!  Pay attention.  And yes, you need to journal what happens while in the restroom also, but that’s another subject.

I will tell you the four F’s of elimination:
1. It should be FAST so don’t hang out in the restroom.  If it’s not ready, then don’t wait.  Don’t push.  It should be wham bam thank you ma’am, and you are out!
2.  It should be FREQUENT which means it could happen more than once a day.  If not, that’s ok also.  Everyone is different.  But it should be daily at the least.
3.  It should be FRAGRANT which means the fresher it is, the more fragrant it will be.  If there isn’t any fragrance, then you need more greens, or exercise and water, because this means it’s old.
4.  It should be FIRM which means that it shouldn’t run or drop like a rock!  It should hold it’s form and be light in color.  The darker it gets, the older it is.

When I was going through cancer therapy, I had a master daily checklist that included visiting the bathroom to eliminate, along with Aloe and Barlean’s Greens first thing in the morning and then again before I went to bed.  It depends on you.  Try it out.  Let me know what works for you!