3;2 Alkalinity vs Acidity ~ What’s Your Body Saying? for Wellness + Happyness #7PH

Visiting a whole health healer in Montrose after a friend suggested that I get an appointment, the doctor explained pH to me this way.  She said, Sandy, your body is like a fish bowl and you want to keep the water clean and healthy so that you, the fish can live in your environment.  But when your fish bowl gets old and cloudy and before you know it bacteria is building up and your fish is now breathing all sorts of impurities and soon the fish will eventually get sick and die.  Your fish bowl is your blood and you are the fish!

Here is the definition of pH from http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-ph.htm

A pH (potential of Hydrogen) measurement reveals if a solution is acidic or alkaline (also base or basic). If the solution has an equal amount of acidic and alkaline molecules, the pH is considered neutral. Very soft water is commonly acidic, while very hard water is commonly alkaline, though unusual circumstances can result in exceptions.

The pH scale is logarithmic and runs from 0.0 to 14.0 with 7.0 being neutral. Readings less than 7.0 indicate acidic solutions, while higher readings indicate alkaline or base solutions. Some extreme substances can score lower than 0 or greater than 14, but most fall within the scale.

She says this as she asks me to stick out my tongue when she applies a little strip of yellow tape on it, and once she removes the strip it starts to turn a bluish color from my saliva before she measures the color to a value of my pH. Good news is that you can also purchase this tape and a handy dandy book about your pH from your local grocery or book store to learn more about this topic.  But what I have to tell you is that your pH moves very slowly up and down the scale and if your pH was totally off, like another doctor-friend told me, that you’d be in the emergency room anyway.  Because your body works like a beautiful machine to keep itself working optimally.

What I will tell you is that when you receive chemotherapy, you are basically dumping toxins into your system to kill the cancer cells, and your body will respond by becoming acidic.  This is why you must significantly hydrate starting three days prior to have your body in the best possible state prior to the infusion.  But what your body does then, is work to preserve your organs from this toxic fish water and starts to store fat as a barrier internally.  Which is perfectly perfect, because when you have completed your rounds of chemotherapy, and you start to lose weight, your doctor may be completely surprised to find that you have hardly any side effects, especially to your liver.  That’s when you can thank your fat for protecting yourself!

For typical humans who are not on chemotherapy, you can keep your pH working optimally by starting your day with a glass of honest water and half of a squeezed organic lemon.  And you can drink lemon water throughout the day, but hopefully you are seeing how valuable the morning choices you make can affect your entire day.  For me, it just feels good and it quenches my hunger so I can pick and choose a healthy breakfast.

In addition, this early morning time is perfect to test our food allergies.  If you think you are lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant, test yourself first.  Try to eat something that you think is affecting you first thing in the morning and all by itself and see what happens.  Give it some time, but try it.  If you are ready to take it a step further, then lay off the item for an entire week and then try it all by itself first thing in the morning and then see what happens…  For me, I immediately sneeze and I am especially allergic if I sneeze less than three times!  Note: ONLY if you were lactose intolerant or anything intolerant as a child should you still be intolerant as an adult.  For example, I didn’t notice until I was diagnosed with cancer that I had grown particularly lactose intolerant once I got married and wanted to start a family until I met with a Radial Oncologist who figured out that being lactose intolerant was my first red flag towards disease with my life.  Can you imagine what it was like to visit Europe and to be afraid of cheese?  OYe!  The secret to overcoming lactose intolerance was to start every single day to re-introduce dairy into my diet but only during high noon when my digestion was at it’s peak and to include other items including protein.  You can try this with other food items.  And you know what happened?  By Friday I was eating Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Crunch and my body was SO happy and I was experiencing any symptoms that usually included feeling like I had the flu.  Serious.

And finally, I have to share that I was a vegetarian for years prior to being diagnosed and all of my doctors kept telling me that I was going to need to start eating meat again because of the branched chain amino acids.  But I told them all to talk to hand.  Nope, sorry, me and my yogi lifestyle will prevail as I continued to wake up at 4:30am every morning and meditate before falling back asleep and then eventually waking up naturally to start my day.  It wasn’t until my second or third round of chemo that I was not myself anymore.  I couldn’t wake up.  And I don’t drink coffee, but even an espresso sounded awful.  In walks my mother.  Honey, I’m going to get a hamburger, can I bring one home for you?  I could barely even get mad much less give her the stink eye.  No thank you.  As she is leaving, she checks in with me again, Are you sure you don’t want anything?  and I say, FINE, I’ll have whatever you don’t eat.  Bring me something with Bacon! And she did.  It was on a Hawaiian bun yum, with teriyaki sauce, mayo and bacon.  It was gone in a heartbeat.

I kept working on my computer blogging about the atrocities of my life, when before I knew it I was washing clothes, cleaning up and even watched David Letterman before falling asleep.  OK – Unless you’ve been on chemo you will know that all of this is not the norm.  Typically on the juice aka chemo, you are so wired that I had to sleep with head to the right because my carotid artery pumped so hard it thumped in my head all night long.  It was so loud!  My body was working in overtime.  And then to put myself to sleep, I had to take enough melatonin to put out a horse.  It was a handful of horse pills… OK, so the next morning it happened.  I woke up as if I had been asleep for  years!  I woke up like sleeping beauty!  My eyes opened, and I knew where I was and then I took a huge inhale as I sat up looking around thinking to myself – OMG!  Where have I BEEN!  What happened?  How long have I been out?

That little hamburger made a world of different for me and from then on I ate meat twice a week.  Once on Wednesdays, which was also my chemo day once every three weeks to keep from falling asleep again into oblivion.  And again on Sundays, because meat takes time to digest and actually raises your pH up but it did wonders for me.  You should have seen my FB page when I announced that I was eating meat!  It was like a post that went around the world and back with all of my friends offering to take me out for a burger which was perfect, because I wasn’t about to actually purchase meat or touch it!  No way!  AND – That’s when I knew I had to have meat to survive.  I didn’t care if I had to eat small poisonous red frogs or bats, because I would have done it to continue feeling that way.   But, hey, that’s what worked for me.  And once you feel it for yourself, you will understand.  Everyone has to experience these things for themselves, but I am here to share my journey.

Listen to your body.  Test it out.  FEEL IT WORK FOR YOU.  Write that shit down so you don’t forget in a year or a week from now!  Don’t be dumb.  You have a Ferrari working for you as your portal for life on earth, and that body is amazing!