3;4 Keep Your Cool When Things Go Wrong for Wellness +Happyness #7pH

Keeping Your Cool means staying Regular now that you are in a hyper sensitive mode going through abnormal times.  I am laughing to myself, because this means get used to your new normale.  And this means your entire day.  Working to keep your appetite may be an unwanted side effect, which happened to me and I immediately knew something was wrong when I’m in my favorite store – WFM – wandering around and not a single thing looked appetizing.  I said to myself, Seriously Sandy?  What is going on with you?  Then, it hit me.  No appetite and THAT made me freak out yet again.  Because I have always been an athlete.  I have always been a strong and hearty gal, and even when I was skinny, I was a hearty gal that could run for miles with great stamina and power.  But now this?  You’ve GOT to be kidding me.  he he he.  So, that’s when I GAVE myself permission to eat anything that pleased me because I was not going to LOOK like I was sick.  No way!  I was a hearty goldfish that even funky water in my bowl of life with cancer was not going to kill me.  So, you know what I ended up having for lunch?  Homemade pizza with a side of cheese goldfish (haha) and then later on noshed on some more Jen and Berry’s ice cream, because I could.  (that’s what I call it) No other reason.  THAT was the reason.  And when life tries to get you down, break free and BE.  EAT what you want. LOVE yourself. CALL who you want. LAUGH out loud. DANCE it out. SING for yourself.  Because you know what?  Nobody else can do what YOU do.  Only You have the courage to be YOU.  So, go and kick some BUTT!

Throughout your day many things will start to go wrong.  First you may not be hungry, then when you finally eat it tastes awful.  Then, you can’t go to the bathroom like you used to regularly. Then, you start to gain weight.  Or you start to lose weight.  Your bank account may disappear.  Your hair may fall out.  Your lover may not make it either – which is highly probable.  Or you could have the one that sticks – which also happens and he will shave his head with you!  But as each little mishap happens, you will start to lose that layer of metal that you’ve built around yourself like armor and guess what?  The light starts to shine on all those areas that you had keep in the dark for way to long.  And when it happens, I know it’s doesn’t feel good and we may repeat old patterns out of habit to rebuild a shield, but this is when those habits go to die.  And die they must because life is so precious and amazing, especially now on the planet.  Once those old nasty patterns run their course and die you will have them immediately replenished with happy, larger, bigger, sexier ideas, habits, friends and loved ones!!  That’s the super side effect that no one tells you about.  What it’s like on the other side of obstacles.  It’s bliss.  And then, even bliss turns into something blissyer!

I promise.

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