3;5 Know Your Body ~ Know Your Path for Wellness+Happyness #7P

Listening your body is just that – understanding what works and what doesn’t.  Besides the food that you eat, this also includes the thoughts you put in your mind, the sounds that you hear, the smells you sense, and the love that you feel.  So when you are off your path, you know it immediately.  Everything goes wrong.  You miss your flight, you meet an annoying person, you can’t find your wallet, you packed the wrong items, and so on.  Finding the right path can be a sequence of steps that lead you to what feels good.  Following your heart is the only way.  And that means turning inside for the answers and that’s when everyone on your path starts to have messages and promote tingly happy feelings along the way providing more evidence that you are cultivating happyness.  For example, I wanted to visit a friend’s yoga retreat for a long time, but never reached out to plan a trip there until I met an awesome friend who I really wanted to show it to.  For me, life is about sharing and I didn’t want to go there alone until my friend wasn’t able to meet me there, and this is when I had to just accept that I was there – Yes – all alone!  But you know what, I was THERE.  The Happyness Factor doesn’t always present itself clearly at first.  You have to find your way there, no matter the path.  Acceptance is a great teacher for life because so much changes every second.  And before you know it, you are in a new situation that was unexpected and unplanned and once you drop your expectations, life comes rushing in.

Just finding your path could take years.  And recently going through Jyotish or Vedic Training to understand my birth chart left me floored.  All along, I’d been amused by Western Astrology which is based on the sun and would casually read my horoscope and laugh.  They always seemed so vague that anyone could find meaning in them.  Until I learned that Master Yogi’s in the East had to be accomplished yoga practitioners, astrologers and ayurvedic practitioners to even get to learn the secrets of Kundalini training.  It wasn’t until Yogi Bhajan came to the states, and broke all Eastern traditions to train teachers in the Kundalini tradition which promotes self awareness through the chakras so that students could realize a straighter more direct path towards realizing their hearts intentions and dreams.  To me it made perfect sense.  It reminded me of the time I had to decide if I was going to learn how to ski or snowboard.  And once I learned that skiing took years while snowboarding had a steep learning curve but I could be boarding much more quickly – then I chose boarding.  The same thing happened with Kundalini for me.  It was my training of choice.  It was intense.  It was amazing.  I was going through an international divorce that ended up taking four years, and had to move from Switzerland back to Houston when I decided to jump in head first with Kundalini Training.  It was perfect.  Then, a  year later I was diagnosed with breast cancer and that’s when all of my training kicked in and I was able to focus on healing.  What I didn’t expect were all the secrets shared with me during my journey from all the other cancer patients and the fact that I kept writing daily about my experience that manifested into the 7 Pathways to Wellness; How to Turn a Hot Mess into Happyness.