3;6 Manage Your Toxin Intake for Wellness + Happyness #7pH

Toxins are all around us and inside us.  We eat them – unknowingly, we absorb them when we bathe – unknowingly, we even breathe them in –  unknowingly and sometimes we even create them!  They are everywhere.  What’s a person to do?

Years ago, while living in Northern California, I saw the movie Babe, about the lovable pig and that’s when I gave up eating bacon which lead to becoming a vegetarian.  It was not easy back then because the alternatives were all nasty.  Yet, living in California there was a huge assortment of different vegetarian type of foods that helped me really settle into my eating habit.  I have always been an animal lover, and just didn’t want to eat them.  Besides, in other countries people eat dogs and I adore my doggies.  While another country treats their cows like I treat my dogs.  It’s all RELATIVE.  But it’s your choice.  I’ve been a weird-atarian, an opportun-itarian, a pesca-vegetarian, you name it, it’s always been my choice.  My point is that I have always read the labels for anything that went into my body because If I didn’t, I could feel it later.

In addition, while working at Whole Foods Market one time, I had the chance to read all the scientific information that proved that organic fruits and vegetables had up to 90% more nutrients than conventionally grown items.  Yes, it’s true.  I can feel it when I eat them and they don’t taste hollow or fake.  And of course, there are lists of foods to avoid if they are not vegetarian and so on that I will share with you.

Also, think about the air you breathe and the water on your back when you take a shower, not to mention the bed you sleep in every night.  Check it all out.  Manage your toxins.  Just yesterday I was sitting here typing and the maids came and left and before I knew it I had a weird head pain, and I never get head aches, and when I got out of my bubble as I was focused on writing, I noticed that the maids must have been using bleach on the tiles and had scrubbed the hallway!  Granted, I had to get up when they were mopping around my desk, but then the whole house smelled like bleach!  I immediately opened the back door and went outside to breathe some fresh air and hopped on my bike and went to the secret sanctuary under trees to air out myself.  The head pain went away immediately, as soon as I got some fresh air, but the point is to take care of yourself.

When I was diagnosed with cancer and had to start chemotherapy, I was so scared.  I was also bitter and mad that I had taken such great care of myself, but now had to actually pay for them to dump toxins into my blood to kill the cancer cells.  Imagine that.  So, once I started chemo I ate anything I wanted, organic or not because it didn’t matter.  Within hours it would all be killed and flushed out of my system by the chemotherapy.  And then, I even tried the detoxing foot bathes that were proven later to not even work, but the point is that I had to have respect for the chemo.  My naturalist told me to have respect for the chemo and let it stay in my body and do what it was supposed to do.  Instead of running from the toxins, I had to let them settle in my cells – and they were already doing that, but my mind was freaking out over the thought of it all.  That’s when I finally had to accept that I was actually on chemotherapy.  Denial can be a coping mechanism when you are forced into unwanted circumstances, but the lesson comes from being ready to accept what is happening to you, right then and there.

What I soon realized was that when I was diagnosed with a translocation in chromosome 8 and 18 and my eggs didn’t support life that I resorted to invitro-fertilization to find the right egg so that I could have my own children.  Well, that process involved hormone therapy to in fact grow as many eggs as possible so that they could be tested to see if they were genetically viable.  Then, the viable egg could be fertilized and then re-implanted for me to carry.  Again, this was a process that had to be paid for, elected and purchased and I was all in.  I had NO idea what I was doing – really.  All I knew is that I wanted to have my own children and all the pressure was building.  And this is my opinion, but I will say that this process was just another red flag for my body and my life.  After all was said and done, I didn’t have any viable eggs, and this is when I finally accepted what the doctors had NOT been saying.  And that was that it just wasn’t going to happen no matter what I tried.  And it left me speechless.  Like my whole future had disappeared before my eyes and soon it did.  The biggest toxin in my life was myself.  As everything was leaving and disappearing I fell into a pit of rage that just magnified until it manifested as cancer.  That’s my opinion.  And now I can see it clearly.  Now I am on the other side sharing, reflecting and teaching from experience.  Thank you.