3;7 When In Doubt Add Love to the Recipe for Wellness+Happyness #7PH

Food, just like anything else can seem to your monkey mind like a healing herb or a toxin.  It’s all in how you perceive your world.  And whenever in doubt, just add love and be thankful for the experience.  Studies have shown that how you feel about what you are eating directly affects how it works within your body.  When you believe in your therapy be it chemo, prescriptions, food or even support groups, then it will do wonders for you.  But when you don’t believe in what you are eating and doing then it will have the negative effect and leave you feeling exhausted and spent.  This pathway is about nutrition for your body and your soul, so even when a toxic experience happens, breathe in imagining the light coming in through your crown chakra while at the same time bringing in love from your feet all the way up to heart and then exhale through your heart.  Even if the water doesn’t look or smell that great, smile and bless your water and know that the nutrients that you need are in there waiting to heal your body.  That’s what I had to do with chemotherapy.

Before I started chemotherapy I could feel the cancer cells like they were ants running around in my blood.  At one point they were poking me from the inside around my extremities, like my arms and I was smack my arm like there was a mosquito or something telling it to go away!  It was maddening because I couldn’t wait to start chemo.  I knew it would work for me.  I had seen the pathology and read the statistics for my type of cancer and how the chemo would work for me.  That’s how I had to wrap my heart around it and that was through my rational mind first.  And at first it was scary but soon I was able to accept what was needed for me to survive.  It just had to be done.  I turned my therapy into a triathlon.  Instead of swim, bike run, mine was surgery, chemo then radiation.  Three steps.  That’s it.

As soon as I started chemotherapy, the ants went away!  I’ve never felt them since.  So, when in doubt, and there is a lot of that out there for free, just find a place where you can go to just sit and relax and be thankful for your life.

Sandy is a writer and inspirational coach available to continue sharing tools, and techniques you can use for your own healing.  You can join her during an upcoming healing retreat.