4;1 Lifestyle Pathway to Wellness+Healing #7PH Be SMART

When you are diagnosed with a disease, or going through change in your relationships that includes divorce or just wanting to find your definitive pathway in life, it all comes down to change.  With disease you’re body is in pain, with relationships your heart is in pain, and with finding your direction in life your mind may be in pain.  The pain is all the same and it’s all very different.  No matter what it hurts and you are forced to either accept the pain as it is, deny it and pretend it isn’t there, or be forced into a new reality – that guess what – doesn’t include the pain anymore because you’ve found peace in the process.  That last sentence can take a moment or it can take lifetimes.  Depends on how you think.  There is only your way.  I am here to share some light on the process.

When you can actually be smart about the entire process is when you can see the pain, step away from it, analyze it, smell it, and then with courage and bravery take that step TOWARDS it and finally just sit with both feet IN IT.  Yes, go there.  Quit running around pretending it isn’t there.  Don’t be ashamed of the sink hole everyone can see.  Turn and look at it.  Go there.

When you get there, I can share with you that everything stops.  All the noisy patterns just fall to the ground over with.  Nothing can stop you when you are in the pain.  And the pain actually STOPS.  But this takes time.  We all must learn our own way.  I totally get that.  People will give all sorts of suggestions but you are the ultimate decision maker.  Personally, I waffle when I’m not sure.  Maybe this, maybe that.  Only because I haven’t decided.  And for me I either know immediately or I take a long amount of time getting to know what I don’t know.  Knowing immediately comes from within.  Feeling the situation from inside.  They I just know the answer.  And it’s great!  I’m good with it.  Then, there are the other decisions that take more time to find out the unknown and I feel my way through and then just let it go.  Sometimes thinking and waffling make things worse.  And THAT’s when you really need to let it go.  Give it to the light.  Put it in your heart.  Sleep on it.  Write it down and put a question mark at the end.  Turn the page.  Give it all some space, some breath and some light.  Find peace in knowing that if it needs to be, then it will be.  But you need to take your finger off of it.  THIS is being smart enough to know that you don’t know.