4;2 Establish Daily Rituals for Wellness+Healing #7PH

Establishing daily rituals and habits actually support your self with love and happyness but giving yourself direction before the day unfolds.  Rituals include walking the dog every morning, and drinking lemon water every morning, and practicing yoga every morning.  Not unlike other habits you’ve created throughout your life including brushing your teeth and for me, putting in my contacts every morning.  For you, your ritual may also include making coffee or getting kids out of bed and off to school in time for class.  These little things make a big difference for you and your life and you probably wouldn’t even notice the effects unless you didn’t have them in place.

For example, when I was going through a depression, I wouldn’t get up at the same time or even know what to do once I got up.  And then, I didn’t even notice that I didn’t have a ritual much less a plan for how to overcome these obstacles.  I didn’t have a support system in place that even noticed that I didn’t get out of bed in time for anything but the day.  That’s where your community comes into place.  They are the ones that notice these things and don’t overlook your lack of progress.  Rituals as little as what you do in the morning are indicators of what you are going to do for the rest of the day, and what you do during the day is an indicator of what you will achieve by the end of the year.  All of those achievements are directly evidenced by your level of happyness and that in an indicator of your self worth. Like I said, these little things mean a lot at the end of the day.

A friend who visited me earlier this year shared his knowledge on creating altars in the four cardinal directions and one morning I just woke up when my email wouldn’t respond to my insistent yearning to check messages, I knew that there was something that I needed to do first – and that was create my altars.  It was on my mind.  Funny thing is that I sat in front of my computer as I searched for more information on my phone and then created a list of what colors, items, and intentions were needed for each altar.  Here’s my short list and it includes direction from both Indian and Feng Shui:

North – Water, thought, coolness, clarity, career path, money, turtles, business.

South – Fire, passion, growth, heat, light, professional success, fortune, flame, red, birds, illumination.

East – Wood, possibility, promise, enlightenment, wisdom, harmony, involvement, family, green, dragon.

West – Metal, quiet, resolution, activity, material things, tiger, white, joy, children, creativity.

Take your time and create an altar in your home for each cardinal direction.  Make it fun!  Keep it clean.  I actually burn incense in all four when I get up in the morning, but not every morning.  Add to it. Take from them. Bring stuff you find along the way like feathers and rocks and leaves.