4;4 Memories Become Maleable with Time for Happyness & Healing #7PH

In the middle of the Lifestyle as a Path to Happyness + Healing, you will also notice that time can be the greatest of healers.  Because when you feel forced into a new situation that is uncomfortable, your current status, future AND the past all start to change.  Remember, it’s because you are changing and so everything around you will start to break down and melt away differently.  And I’ve continued to share, this is all a blessing in disguise to help you reach your personal goals in life.  The issue is to trust the process and accept it all much faster that me, because I have found that even though I see the miracles that happen and the connectivity that works through us, there are some things that take longer for me to accept.  This is where we find pain in the change.  But this pain is also the great instigator to get ON with your life.  Like sand paper, it hurts at first and then there is a polished shine at the end that helps you feel like you can do anything.

As you move forward in life, the past will seem different.  Because as you move forward you are changing along with your views, so when you look back, you see things differently.  Time is maleable.  What seems so harsh at the time it was happening can be looked at with loving eyes later.  All you need is time to get to where you need to see the signs and clues to your own healing.  Some of us are faster than others, while others may not ever receive the message or make the connection, which is totally perfect.  Each of us has our own timing, our own personal beat to the drum of time.

When you look back at those memories, soon they will not have that charge of pain or embarrassment that makes you wince or crinkle your nose just thinking about.  Ooh!  No!  Icky!  Not THAT! Soon, that charge of energy will get out of your body and come through your heart as inspiration to make a difference for others going through the same thing.  It’s all good! Let it out!  Let your light shine.

When I was going through breast cancer therapy that took nine months, at one point during chemotherapy, I started to go blank when talking, immediately forgetting the next word I was about to say.  And I am social butterfly, so imagine talking to a group of amazing friends about a cool story and getting to the punch line and then BLIP, it’s gone.  Silence.  End of Story.  At first, everyone just kind of disappeared, and then I started saying, Where was I?  Talk about a Senior moment! haha. OK, then, and not all the time, did the story come back to me.  I started to keep stories to myself and I am a story teller!  I would cope by making notes, writing things down, and even leaving notes to remind myself. All I have to say is Thank GOD I used to teach Scrapbooking University, because my photo albums brought it all back instantly.  All I had to do was stop and look at the images.  And soon, the memories that made me mad were replaced with happyness with a new perspective.

Obstacles in life will not and can NOT take away your memories so don’t worry about that!  What obstacles will do is define those memories differently so that you can use them to positively affect your current happyness, which will only catapult your future happyness even farther. Learn to lean on your inner strength and wisdom because we all have it and yours may be just trying to find it’s way out into the open!