5:1 Repurpose Things You LOVE ~ StHealthy Strategies for Wellness + Healing #7Happys

As we continue through the 7 Pathways for Wellness + Healing turning a Hot Mess into Happyness, this Pathway takes into consideration all that we’ve learned so far and creates focused strategies to co-create happyness. Remember, there is no spoon.  So, be careful what you are thinking about.  If something seems limiting, then tell yourself, “Cancel! Clear! Upgrade that Thought!”

The first StHealthy Strategy is to surround yourself with every thing and everyone that makes you smile.  All of your favorite things should be in your reach!  Go to the grocery store and pick out all of your favorite foods, the healthy ones and the not so healthy ones.  Make a choice.  It’s all about balance.  Maybe don’t buy ALL of the chocolate items at once, but purchase a new and different one each time you go to the store.  See, that’s a Stealthy Strategy for Chocolate.

Think about the space you call home.  Go through and with a discerning eye, pick out things that remind you of not to happy memories.  Take all those things and put them away for now because you need to focus on wellness and healing no matter what your circumstances.

The jeweler that designed my first wedding ring, taught me about Repurposing.  He suggested that I take my jewelry and give it a fresh new look and a new purpose.  Voila!  Now it doesn’t happen THAT fast, but the point is to repurpose your things, clothes, jewelry, anything that still has a negative charge when you see it – like a wedding ring when you are going through a divorce, or a key chain when you’ve been in a car accident, or pictures from a time when you were in a relationship and felt happy and it’s now over.  GET those things OUT of your eye sight.  Soon, you will have all new memories, jewelry and things that WILL continue reminding you of your present.

For me, after moving so many times over the past years, I’ve slowly gotten rid of so many things and am left with all the beautiful things that make me happy and remind ME of the time I visited certain places.  For instance, right now I am having breakfast out of glass bowls I bought in Austin that are from Murano, and drinking from a hand painted bamboo mug that I bought from Costa Rica, and using a spoon that I brought from Christophe in Paris.  I have kept all the wonderful things that make me happy.  Some items take more time that others.  Be Patient with yourself.  This is called transition.  You are clearing out the old past of things that you no longer need and making room for all the beautiful items coming to you in the present.  It’s OK.  Just Breathe.

Take time to purge not only your mind of old memories, but your surroundings of the past.  Who cares if you got that dress for 90% off, if you can’t wear it and it’s out of date, then release it!  Make a pile of things to donate to Good Will.  You can’t add happy water to a glass that is full of stale champagne.  It just dilutes the happyness.  Just this year I threw away a massive stack of past journals and I just woke up that morning knowing that it had to be done.  Why was I keeping it anyway?  It had this weird power over me because I wasn’t about to read any of it.  No Way.  But yet it still sat there taking up valuable space.  Until I picked it up and took it out to the trash.  Back and forth I went and even my body temperature went up and I caught myself in Sitali breath to cool myself off.  That is breathing in through your nose and out through a puckered mouth through a rounded tongue.  Just DO it.  Your present depends on the courage to leave your past behind in the little rear view window so you can look out your huge front windshield of what’s happening now and what you may see up ahead.