5;2 Grow Your Faith for Wellness+Healing #7happypaths

In this pathway towards wellness and healing, the second strategy is to grow your faith.  Every person has their own pathway towards spirituality and I will share more in depth information about Spirituality in the next pathway, but for now, deepen your resolve in what you believe in.  Take what you’ve been given, take what has been shared and taught to you since birth and think about it.  Use your experiential knowledge to sense what feels right to you and then keep moving forward in life.  All of these ideas become your perspective in how you see life and how it affects you.  Just know what you DO know.  Believe in yourself and believe in what experience has taught you.  Growing in your faith, means deepening what you know for yourself.

Take this time to explore new ideas and thoughts.  Check out a book store and find something new to read or listen to to fill your spiritual curiosity.  For me, I spent the first half of the year volunteering to co-chair the Mary Magdalene Workshop because I felt drawn to supporting scholarship on her behalf.  And along the way, I read every book I could get my hands on about her, her story, her myth and it was truly exciting.  Especially when Kayleen Asbo PhD came to town to share her research and knowledge on the subject which led to my own continued spiritual journey.  The point I am trying to make is that when you don’t know what you are doing and you’re not sure why you are being asked to do something, is EXACTLY when you are being called to do something new for continued spiritual growth.  The feeling can be uneasy at times, and you may not know exactly what you need to do, but maybe it’s just to witness the progress, put your finger on things you know for sure, and providing leadership.

Growth itself includes shedding past paradigms, perspectives and judgments of what something you thought was supposed to look like.  It in itself can be uneasy as you go through transition, but keep in mind that it’s all for your own continued growth.  This can also be called the process because it includes a beginning, middle and end and before you know it, you have changed!  You have grown!  And that part feels great.  For about a second and then it continues.  Your growth is at your own pace.  We all have veils of clouds that actually work to protect us from growing to fast or to slow.  When you are ready to know something, then it falls into your perspective for you to understand and know.

So when I say actually grow, I mean expanding your world of consciousness because as you grow, new messages will be ready for you to grasp.  Your world is actually limitless.  Resistance is futile.  Resistance only brings pain.  When you feel your mind spinning because it can’t get it’s teeny tiny arms around your growing world, then just breathe into your heart, know that you don’t know and that is ok.  It’s just part of the process.  You will make it.  And the better you get at each part of the process, the faster you can grow.  Know what you know.  Keep Learning.