5;3 Get Some FRESH Air for Wellness+Healing #7happypaths

The third healthy strategy in this pathway is getting some fresh air DAILY.  This means planning a walk with the dog outside, or grab some friends and find a trail or path leading to nowhere.  And take it!  Have breakfast outside on the patio.  Park far away from the store and walk to where you are going.  Better yet, leave the car and walk to the next place from there!

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, and the gamut of tests were compiled before we started any time of treatment, the SINGLE item that stood out, besides the tumor itself, was the fact that my Vitamin D level was seriously low.  I’m talking negatively low.  Below the charts low LOW.  And that just was not right.  Because I am outside DAILY and eat a healthy diet including a daily supplement which INCLUDED Vitamin D.

The point is, that no matter what you are doing right, SHIT happens!  Even if you are a yoga teaching vegetarian walking two dogs twice a day, and taking supplements, you can ALSO get cancer. Getting outside on a daily basis, is more for your mind and overall well being that for the fresh air and the exercise.  This is sometimes the only time that you get to WONDER about natural BEAUTY that is always waiting for you outside your door.  Walking outside gets you connected to all the goodness that is surrounding you at this very moment.  Breathing in fresh air also affects your body and your mind with new light and loving kindness that is ready for you to notice.  Notice how it effects your heart rate and your face as you want to smile and stare at the sun, or find a feather at your feet.

There is a little sanctuary by my parents’ house and when I walk the girls there (two dogs) I notice where the bunny lives, and the three little white ducks that like to sit outside this one house and listen to two little weiner dogs bark like crazy!  The ducks like to taunt those little dogs.  Or when I get to a clearing encircled by trees and a lone picnic table and grill that every thing is silent as the dragonflies come to check me out.  A friend has taught me to take off my shoes and lie in a certain direction to promote healing or success or love!  It’s called GROUNDING.  Even the girls love getting off of the wood and tile floors and onto the soft grass as often as possible.

For me, it’s a perfect place to reset, recharge and release!  Especially when I don’t know what I don’t know.  I just give myself time to get to a place of knowing.  No one is in a rush except me and in the secret sanctuary there is no time like the present.  Find YOUR happy place to ground and go there today.  Find LOTS of places to Ground and keep them in your mental notes for later.  Then, try going there at sunset and experiencing what it’s like at night. As the sun and moon change, so does your sanctuary!  And so do YOU.