5;4 Stay SAFE + Authentic for Wellness + Healing #7happypaths

When it comes to safety, Houston is just like any other city with all sorts of atrocities happening throughout the day. And I rarely watch the news for this reason.  But what I will share is that driving along 290 to and front downtown means I actually have to fight for my life twice a day for about forty-five minutes each way along with other truckers, changing lanes due to construction and drivers who are distracted or on the phone!

When I was on chemotherapy I was also recruited to work downtown, and one day as I was driving to work I noticed a car ahead of me drifting onto my lane and when they went back to their lane, I took a moment before pressing on the gas so that I could pass them. As I drove by, I noticed it was a lady driving and she was putting on mascara – AS she drove in the fast lane!  Talk about being safe.  First and foremost, we should all be conscious of other drivers and work to put our own phones down long enough to get to where we are going safely.  Like my mother always said, It’s not You I am worried about, it’s the OTHER drivers out there!  Be Safe.  Drive First.  Text Later.

Also being safe, includes not hiding from your feelings or feeling pressure from others in a group to feel a certain way.  This brings me to Authenticity.  It’s one thing to back up a friend, but it’s another to be the person saying – Wait, something is not right about this situation, when everyone else is going along with the situation.  True authenticity is unfriending people that don’t give you happy thoughts when you see their stupid posts.  They don’t need to know why you unfriended them.  Just turn off that switch for your SELF!  Just like I do with the news, chatter and family gossip.

And finally, this also includes TOXIC friends.  You know, the ones that complain and complain and complain and you used to see it their way but now maybe not so much.  These are people that you may love, truly, yet they even tell you that they are a mess right now.  It’s OK!  Keep in mind that friends can also act as mirrors so maybe there is something to be said about your own situation that you haven’t put into perspective?  Take a big breath and bless them before you release them back into the world.  They may or may not come back at another time.  And that’s OK also.

Use all five fingers to put up a bold hand to say STOP the madness, STOP the noise, STOP hanging up, STOP blocking, just STOP acting your shoe size!  YOU have to play it SAFE right now.  YOU need all your resources and all the goodness you have coming to you.  YOU have a bigger game to play.  CUT the chords as you continue to play a bigger and better game of life.  Just use your own pair of finger scissors to cut the chords because YOU have more love and more energy to give towards ideas that only YOU can birth.