5;5 DONT LOOK DOWN! for Wellness+Happyness #7happypaths

As you move forward through each step in this pathway of stealthy strategies, you’ve repurposed things in 5;1, grown your faith in things 5;2, found some fresh air in the nature that is always surrounding you 5;3 and played it safe maybe for far to long when everything around you starts to fall away as you become more authentic with your feelings and the role you have to play in life 5;4.  And after cutting away all the energy vampires that include friends, family, thoughts, old thoughts, past hurts, past old worn out stories and just pain in general, it is now time to breathe and plan ahead as you focus on #1.

The first strategy is to actually, put yourself ahead of all other priorities, family, children, friends, PTA, school, pets, all of it! If you aren’t focused on you, then who is?  NO ONE.  If you aren’t focused on  you, then how much do you think you can give to your family?  children? pets? PTA? school? etc?  If you are left uncharged, out of energy and unfocused, then showing up for your family, friends, children and even pets, then they will receive what’s left of what you’ve got.  And that doesn’t feel so hot.  Imagine how you would feel, if someone sicker than you came to your aide? You probably wouldn’t want what they have to offer you, and you’d feel anything from empathy for that person to pathetic for yourself.

My point is that once you’ve gotten this far, it’s time to plan ahead for your own self healing as you continue to cultivate moments of joy and happyness.  And that could look like planning to attend a fun class, going camping, visiting the lake, starting to eat healthier, starting to think healthier, starting to work out.  Breaking old patterns can be tough, but it can be done.  This is why it easier to step into this phase after focusing on where all of your energy has been going that only left you drained or stepped on.

You are an amazing spirit having a human experience.  YOU came from joy and happyness and you’ve only forgotten that you already have everything.  It’s always been right there at your finger tips.  Developing a short cut to peace and happyness is a stealthy strategy to overcome momentary feelings of pain.  Feeling pain just means you are out of alignment with you and your divine path.  Pain is like running into a stop sign because your head is focused on the floor.  When I was learned how to drive a motorcycle, the teacher kept saying, DONT LOOK DOWN!  Your body and your bike will go exactly where you are looking so LOOK FORWARD!  No matter what.  LOOK FORWARD.  DO NOT LOOK DOWN.  It’s the same premise.

Keep your head up and focused on what is in front of you.  Don’t try to ride a bike and look behind you.  You will end up on the ground, maybe even hurt, bruised up, and then fall behind in your timing and take longer to get to your destination.  Look UP!  Look ALERT!  Keep your EYES Open.  Happyness is just around the corner.