5;7 Bring Your Focus BACK to Center for Wellness+Happyness #7happypaths

Growing your attention and awareness on coming back to center will keep you on your divine path.  The more you listen from within, the more you will see that you step into pain when ever you are off of your path.  Pain is a guidepost to come back to center.  Just like walking on a path that is paved with flagstone and it feels great under your feet.  When you step off the path and into the weeds, rocks and stickers it hurts!  This tells you to get back on the path.  You were going the wrong way!

Yes, it’s that easy and Yes, it’s that hard.  In life if you start to get happy and Yes’s every time you go somewhere or do something specific, then keep going there and doing it! Just like me, everything in Houston is always a no non answer and to me, those type of no’s are the worst.  But when I head to Austin, the light shines sparklyer, everyone says yes, doors appear and they are wide open!  Faith is going when you don’t know what you don’t know just yet.  Faith is going when you don’t have all the answers and all the details lined up ahead of time for your journey.

That’s what your heart is for, to give you COUR (French for the heart) AGE is enough time to know that you can go and how to get there.  Coming back center is where you can look back and discern the difference between what you’ve been doing, what you’ve done and what you’d like to be doing.  Better yet, it’s about knowing how that felt, how it feels and what it will feel like in the future.  There is a Yummy feeling when you are going in the right direction.  And when things start to fall into place, is when you can see the synchronicities and miracles happening to get your there.  But once it’s started, it just feels good and time starts to fly.

Kind of like being on vacation.  You know how excited you get to go somewhere?  Then, you get there and it’s so fun that the time just flies, yet while you were there the days were soooo long because you were enjoying every moment along the way.  It’s like that.  Time is amorphic.  Time is no time.  There is no spoon. Just be happy. Just BE.