5;6 Increase Your Wellness Perspective for Happyness #7happypaths

In this pathway of stealthy strategies, the sixth step is to increase your wellness perspective and by that I mean try something new to help you feel better.  Here are some ideas for you to try:

Have you ever tried a Neti Pot?  If you have dry sinuses, this will give you the best relief.  And if you are on chemotherapy or anything that feels drying to you and your skin, then this is the best thing under the sun.  You can buy one at Walgreens or CVS and it comes with the little packets to mix with the water, before flushing out your sinuses.  I don’t even use allergy medication anymore once I found out how easy and healing a Sinus Rinse could be for me.  Especially if you think you are getting a sinus infection or have allergies.  It heals the skin inside your sinuses and washes out dust, allergens and even dust mites!  TRY IT!

Growth Hormone Shots are offered during some treatments, and all I have to say is, TAKE IT!  My doctor tried to scare me by saying, You’ll feel as if a Mack Truck Hit you, but it will help boost your immune system, while I was on chemotherapy.  Ask to get the shot in your belly fat, and not your thigh or arm.  And then just sit back and relax because you will feel and look like a baby.  The skin on my face was pink like a baby’s from new cell growth.  Everyone is different, but DONT turn it down, EVER!  These are the fountain of youth!  I’d take one today if I could get it.  You will feel fantastic and for me, with the weight I gained, I didn’t have a single wrinkle.  One nurse gasped when she read my arm band and I guess it hit her that I was forty! HA!

Have you ever tried Cell Growth?  It’s a supplement you can add to your water.  Some people love it.  I tried it and felt great.  How about trying Melatonin instead of sleeping pills? This kept me from feeling groggy the next day on sleeping prescriptions.  Yet it’s so natural, that I ended up taking between 50 and 100 mcgs just to get to sleep and stay asleep all night.

Homeopathic Teas?  There are so many on the market, and you can feel the difference if they work for you or not.  Now is the time to try new things.  There are also Cancer Preventing Teas that some people swear by.  They can be pricey.  One survivor I met had an assortment of these teas that were sent to her by a friend, yet she wasn’t sure about trying them until I showed up.  Remember, nothing can really affect you as intensely as chemotherapy, so if you are really unsure, then ask your doctor.  If not, then try it out a few times and see you feel.

Do you know your Ayurvedic Dosha?  Take a test online and see what type of constitution you have and what would work for your body type.  When I first read about my body type, I was amazed at how detailed it was and how it fit me exactly.  I even met an Ayurvedic Healer and had a great discussion about my lifestyle, what went wrong and how I can avoid cancer in the future.  For me, I had to become lactose tolerant and eat red meat twice a week, and it WORKS!

No matter what, remember that ITS YOUR BODY! And your doctor DOESN’T know your body as well as YOU DO!