6 Year Anniversary Gratitude: Releasing the 7 Pathways to Wellness

In thanks to having social media save my life when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer upon returning from Geneva and starting a four-year-long divorce process, I am going to post every single day for the next forty+ days what I experienced and now can share with you!  It’s the 7 Pathways to Wellness and it starts for anyone at that time when you know nothing.  You are starting fresh and new and it all seems like an out of body experience.  Maybe you’ve experienced a car wreck of some kind or another, or you’ve just separated from a loved one, or started a new career or job.  It’s about emptying your cup and sometimes it’s not by accident.  It’s just TIME to start ANEW.  And I am also going to travel the experience from a fresh cancer-free perspective with you.

For today, just know that you can come here to get a morsel of goodness that may inspire and export you to a different thought process that focuses on life, relationships, and of course, it is all centered around your HEART! And it will be fulfilling from the inside first before you start seeing your life change on the outside around you.  I’m releasing this with love and great intentions for everyone that comes across a segment.  I have to warn you though, that it is progressive, so you may find concepts and segments more interesting that others and still find more growth from segments you’ve already read from the past in different aspects of your life.  It’s that powerful if you can hold on for the entire educational and experiential process to occur.  So, for today, be thankful for everything you have because it is all centered around YOU, by you and for you.  Feel your emotions as they come up and fade away like the clouds in the sky.  Let them pass.  Because tomorrow we start!

Welcome to my heart,