6;0-1 Spirituality Starts with GRATITUDE as a Path Towards Wellness+Healing #7HappyPaths

This pathway is my absolute favorite!  I’ve been waiting patiently to get here taking you all along for the ride.  I certainly hope you’ve all found little nuggets of inspiration from the daily journey turning a Hot Mess into Happyness!  This is exactly why I continue to share the 7 Pathways to Wellness+Healing aka the The Happy Path.

I will start by saying that Spirituality is about your growth towards finding balance in life, love, work and play.  Basically it’s all the same.  This does not include religion only because that is personal and that is completely up to you, depending on how you were raised, or who inspires you now.  The word is open and includes Earth, Pachamama, God, Alla, Jesus, you name it.  Throw all those words in there and what comes out is your own spiritual growth.  That’s all you.  What I will share on the pathway is seven steps towards are more integrated and enlightened journey starting from the 1st pathway as I continue through out all seven pathways each having seven steps of integration.

6:1 starts with Gratitude.  This may sound easy, but try anything for 30 days to see how you integrate it into your life and what starts to shift in your reality.  It is astounding.

Gratitude is when you give THANKS to all the wonderful people, and synchronicities in your life that bring you closer and closer to happyness and joy.  It’s the little things that make up the big feelings.

And if you can tell by now, I am all about finding the strategic way to get there first, so here is my #1 suggestion and some others you can try.

#1 – Before you go to sleep at night.  Serious sleep.  Everything is off and you are cuddled up in bed.  Bring to mind all the wonderful things that happened THAT day and all the times you laughed, maybe met new people that brought excitement and joy to you, or even connected you to others that did the same.  Just review your day and give thanks to all the little things, like finding a parking spot at Barton Springs as soon as you drive in, or having a lovely waitress save a table for you and catch your eye from the parking lot so you can completely avoid the long waiting line and be guided directly to your table.  THAT kind of stuff.  For the ant that bit my heart before my new friend showed up to meditate, or the cricket that landed on the crown of my head when I was talking about my big dreams.  Little little teeny tiny things that can be forgotten pretty quickly.  String those stories together and you have a beautiful day to be thankful for.

Other tools to bring more gratitude into your life is to start your week by writing actual thank you notes to all of the colleagues and new people in your network that help connect you to something bigger.  Yes, find that actual stamp and write something short and lovely thanking them for being there for you!  Pay it all forward.  Actual thank you notes are remembered for ever.  Get some beautiful note cards and thank everyone for your journey last week, this month, or this year!

Starting with gratitude keeps you in alignment with all the wonderful experiences that continue to lead you to Wellness + Happyness.