6;2 Listening from WITHIN for Wellness+Healing #7HappyPaths

On the sixth pathway to Wellness and Healing, the second step is listening from within.  Again, this sounds easy but in reality we find other things to listen to besides ourselves and I can prove it to you.  For instance, if you really listened from within all the time, then you would be totally in your bliss, happy and healthy.  Yet we all need a bit contrast to see that clearly and that is why there are those unexpected things that occur seemingly out of your control.  BAM! Where did THAT come from?  That hurt!  Wow, I was so happy go lucky just a minute ago…  See.  Contrast.  It’s necessary.  It adds to the balance of life.

As a Business Strategist Coach, I will say that all of my clients come to a point where they need just a little bit of validation to actually listen to within and that’s where I come in.  Typically, they are super strong women with all sorts of skills, ideas and communities in action towards a phenomenal cause, but there is that little thing that once to come out and it’s seems scary and odd or different or even wacky.  I can tell you that it is not uncommon for my clients to finally feel supported and loved (that’s me) and connected enough to finally share the thing that has yet to come out.  Sometimes there are tears involved during the process, but once it’s out my job is to make it a reality and my work is to speed up that process working together. We are mirrors for each other and with their super creative intelligence and intention to enlighten the world combines with my strategic business skill set building bridges then a pipeline of success opens up.

Listening from within in necessary for anyone to fully understand their passion for work and their passion for healing others and their passion to save the world.  IT IS VIABLE.  I promise.  We work together to bring it all together for a fulfilling and opportunistic business where all the players can find a place to be involved.  From nonprofit, to for profit to publishing to franchising, when you are in the weeds sending out detailed emails and answering phone calls, how can you see the big picture?  You can feel it though, right?  THAT’S what keeps you going nonstop.  That’s what created the thing in the first place.  And that is your beating heart.  Your LOVE. Your PASSION for change.  For doing it differently, making a change and creating a NEW experience.

For me, it is a pleasure to step into my clients’ lives during the TRANSITIONAL moment that needs a birds-eye view to clear the way for the bridge to connect to the community in a  positive, uplifting and meaningful way.  It comes from working together, meditation together, and diving into all the parts of your business and life that you wouldn’t think of showing anyone.  Even in college, I was the keeper of secrets and it continues with each client as we shed light on the unknown which moves it out of the way for unprecedented growth almost immediately.

So, please, LISTEN from within and put down your fear because you don’t need it.  And when you are ready you will finally see the things that have been hiding from view the whole time.