6;3 Global Adventure for Wellness+Happyness #7HappyPaths

On the Spirituality pathway to wellness and happyness, the third step is to journey through nature for beauty and reconnecting to mother earth.  This could be as close to home and taking a hike on a local trail or as far as taking a flight somewhere new and different.  The earth is a big place and there has to be somewhere that you have not journeyed before.  Journeying is the action that works to change your perspective and inspire new thoughts so when you do return back to home, you arrive with new eyes.

Throughout the year, plan a global adventure, and then during the week, take a local journey.  Setting your intentions is the same as making a list of things to purchase at the grocery store.  Try it.  Tent, Sleeping bag, water, sheets, pillow, etc.  Plus, there are so many festivals throughout the year that you can choose an experience that fits your fancy.  There are yoga retreats, women’s retreats, art festivals, you name it.  Do you have a backpack? Then, get one! How about hiking shoes?  Dedicate a closet or a drawer or an area in your home where you will start to gather your things for a journey to be planned.  You can start today – or even NOW.

For me, living in Geneva, Switzerland was a massive undertaking and major journey into a new land with completely different styles of living, behaviors at the store, and cultural immersion in a new language.  When I returned back to the states, I was forever changed.  It’s not about the things we bring back from our trips, but how our bodies and our minds grow with new perspectives on life which changes how we live where ever that may be.

I firmly believe that to help people over obstacles in life and to offer them a new experience, you have to get out of your comfort zone.  It’s that easy.  And it’s that hard.  Going alone to join a group of people with a new intention is totally fun.  But the first time may seem a big awkward.  Once I was diagnosed with cancer and had completed all the therapies needed, there were these, I call them, Cancer Camps where they’d bring together people just like me in a beautiful area, say Moab or Santa Barbara, and then teach us how to rock climb or surf and all the while we are all growing together.  It wasn’t about climbing to the top or rappelling down a cliff, it was about personal challenges and growing beyond what we knew.  You see before cancer, I could do just about anything.  That was me at the front of the line.  Yet cancer seemed to limit so many things in my life and I had no idea if I’d make it or not.  But I had faith in myself.  So, when I got the check out by my doctor I really didn’t know what to do or if I could do anything.  And that’s when the opportunities for personal growth showed up in the form of camps.  Just like when I was a kid and went to Girl Scout camps or summer camps.  It’s a place for personal growth because you are out of your comfort zone and just able to be yourself.

You are still a kid at heart.  I see you.  And remember that the more fun you  have in life, the farther you will go.  Life IS a journey.  Where are you headed next?