6;4 Back to School for Wellness+Happyness #7happypaths

The next step on this pathway to Wellness and Happyness is feeling as if you are going back to school.  That’s RIGHT!  You are never to old or to this or to that to educate yourself on something new as you develop your self.

For me, I go through waves of reading.  Some times I’m reading a stack of books and won’t leave the house without them, just IN CASE I have a chance to continue reading.  Some times I have one book, that stays by the bed and every night I read another chapter or section.  And for years before I was diagnosed with cancer, I would collect books that I wanted to read someday while others took months to finish.  Now, I don’t buy books or journals in advance.  They come to me when I’m ready for them.  Which means, when I am gifted a book, it gets in line with all the other books to read, and when it’s finished, it’s time to go looking for a new one.  In this case, my friend who gave me the last book I read, suggested a new one to me during lunch yesterday.  I went to the store looking for a book I wanted to read and of course, they didn’t have it, but when I asked about the suggested book, there was one in stock.  Obviously, I purchased the book and started reading it last night.

My point is to continue the journey of discovering your spiritual pathway through reading other journeys, stories and tales.  It helps your brain see a new perspective by focusing outside of yourself on the pages of the book.  While you can use your mind and your heart to feel the words as they flow through your reading experience.

If you just can’t stand to read, then get into an audio book club and listen to books while driving or getting some exercise.  It’s about the content so find a way to learn something new.  In addition, if you like a book, like the one that was given to me, then research the author and you may find that they offer an educational training series of some sort.  These are done every day online and through e-learning, with group discussions via phone or web and even one on one consultation.  I was thrilled to find more educational opportunities online through an author I’ve enjoyed.  With every door that opens, another three come into view.

I’ve always been in school and adore learning.  From college to yoga training and even non profit leadership, I am always in school. Just this year I’ve taken Gong Yoga Training, Vedic Astrology Training, and plan to become an Ecstatic Dance Business Owner and Facilitator!  Actually, all three of these were lovingly cultivated through my work as a development consultant and I am blessed to become a student again.

Find what you love and then continue learning and exploring!  You are NEVER to cool for SCHOOL.