6;5 Gurus and Guides Abound for Wellness+Healing #7happypaths

Moving on from yesterdays post about finding inspiration from education, you may also find guides and gurus all around you once you start looking!  When you are ready to learn, the Guru appears.  Guru defined is someone that takes you from dark (gu – the icky sticky stuff) to the light (ru – which comes from Amun Ra the God of Light).  Guru’s come in all sizes and packages.  You may find a guru in your yoga teacher during class, when you gain a bit of knowledge that helps you process something you’ve been working on.  You may or may not even notice that it’s happening.  But as you know, I teach that you should notice.  Besides it’s totally fun!

For instance, I’ve offered a guest room for new and old friends and many of them, without knowing in advance, came for respite.  And I am the queen on respite!  I had no idea that they just needed some great tender loving care.  In general, it always starts with food.  Maybe it’s a big fabulous salad and some time to just chill is always nice.  Then, time to share and talk about what is REALLY going on deep inside with a trusted friend.  Then, there is always nature.  I take my friends to my secret sanctuary to meet the trois cannettes (3 ducks) and just enjoy the clearing surrounded by trees that is off the beaten path.  One time I even shared a head stand with the trees and a new friend who did a hand stand working towards the scorpion pose.  Every single visit is different.  Plus, only when people are really relaxed and ready do I share a yoga space on the front porch and white tantric meditations.  White is working with two people, staring eye to eye facing each other for a deeper experience into breathing and the meditation.

You see what I am saying right?  Many people may leave little tidbits of information that guide you.  Like my girlfriend who suggested a new book that was available at the book store this week.  It’s perfect for me right now.  And other friends and family may just need you to hold the space for a family reunion or send prayers to a loved one in need.  Actually, we are ALL gurus and guides for everyone around us.  We are all infinitely connected and the more you do for yourself enlightenment, the more you are doing for your community and everyone around you.  Staying centered and feeling your heart beat is the first step.

Of course, you also have to be open and ready to receive your own messages and process your own stuff.  That’s what respite provides.  A safe space to just be and feel and not do.  I believe in getting out of your comfort zone to experience new thoughts, ideas, people, places and things.  I call it breaking out, but it’s just me opening up to newness which can be scary, but having faith in each breath, coming back to center is all you need.  Then lovingly pass it on.