6;6 Ever Increasing Your Vibration for Wellness+Healing #7happypaths

As we are headed to the end of this pathway, Spirituality’s second to last step is increasing your vibration for wellness and healing.  When you get somewhere that is new and fun and happy and unexpected, you will find that you are getting closer and closer to alignment with your life’s purpose.  When everything is starting to feel as if it’s falling into place.  When you feel as if you’ve been there before.  When time slows down (like on vacation). When you don’t care what time it is!  When the plan is to have no plans.  THAT is when you are increasing your vibration and moving into a whole new phase of existing.  Before you know it, you have new friends around you that totally understand and get you.  It feels THAT good.

Increasing your vibration moves you out of feeling secluded.  Gets you out of your cave.  Gets you away from those that don’t understand.  The point is that movement feels easy and flows downstream taking you with it on a nice ride.  You aren’t running into snags anymore.  You laugh out of nowhere.  THAT is happyness finding you unexpectedly.

For example, when I was invited to join a Shamanic Ceremony, I didn’t know what to expect, so of course, I tried to be prepared.  It was amazing and I will write more about that soon, but what happened afterwards was that I immediately wanted to get back to rigor and control.  I wanted to get back to my cave.  That was my ego working to get me back on it’s stupid limiting schedule.  And THAT was when I noticed my feelings and when asked what I wanted to do, I said, I just want to relax and have fun.  Even though I had no idea where we were going, it turned into a flow of events out of a movie complete with singing and dancing under the stars set to live music.  All of that took about twelve hours and was completely out of my control and it was totally fun.  Sometimes you have to get out of your own way for Healing to happen.  I completely agree with this statement, because I still catch myself, like I did just recently, but it’s getting easier and easier to spot.  When you NOTICE yourself getting in the way, THAT is exactly when you are already breaking the pattern.  You deserve happyness and wellness and before you know it, it will find YOU.

The best part about increasing your vibration is that it happens when you fall into a happy trance flowing from one thing to another.  It sneaks up on you.  And you know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in the grand scheme of things, when walking down the street on a Sunday night you walk into an old friend you first met fifteen years ago, who doesn’t even recognize you.  I am still in disbelief at how lovely my life has been.  I hugged her for joy.  It was an amazing synchronicity.