6;7 Seven Minutes in Heaven for Wellness+Happyness #7happypaths

Well, of course at the end of the spirituality pathway the word heaven should be used!  And after the previous blog about coming into alignment and increasing your vibration towards happyness, there is no other place to go.

Remember when you were a kid and maybe got to play 7 minutes in heaven?  It was when two people got seven minutes in a dark closet to explore and experience making out!  Back then, It would have been seven minutes in heaven.  Think about those new and fresh feelings of love and excitement.  Feelings you had never experienced before.  Back then it was embarrassing to get chosen and then scary to think about who would have to join you in the closet!  Feelings of vulnerability were abound – and we probably didn’t even know what that word meant back then. But that’s what it was.  VULNERABLE

When you don’t know why you were called to do something, but you go anyway.  That’s feeling vulnerable.  And that is where the magic happens.  When you are about to be called to do something you don’t exactly know what it might be, but when it happens, you KNOW how to respond from all of your past experience and education.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Now that we are grown up, or at least that’s what my drivers license reminds me, this part of heaven can go on for more than seven minutes.  It actually can come and go for years!

For me, my transformational year was 2013.  Without a doubt, I had no idea what was going on, but I was called to do this, go here, share your thoughts, speak to these people, fly over there, write about your experience, post online, share your photos, talk to my friend’s friend.  In that one year I was on more than 16 scholarships flying somewhere every single month as far as Uganda to share and experience Patient Advocacy, Legislative Advocacy and Research Advocacy from the perspective of a breast cancer survivor as a patient advocate trifecta.  Because I knew what to say to whom and when to say it because in my world it all comes down to where is the money coming from and where is it going and why? I was afforded an opportunity to see behind the scenes and share perspectives with so many people from fundraisers, directors, patients, pharma, trials, researchers, nonprofits, doctors, funders, caregivers, friends and colleagues.  When ever I think about that year, I just smile.  It is my heaven.  And it continues in my quest to build bridges to create more educated patient advocates to support legislative work opening up increased programs and funding for the future of cancer care and survivorship. This is why I am moving to Austin because it is where I can do the most good.

Take yourself to the closet and dream big.  Get out of the weeds of life and soar high in the sky to see the bigger picture.  Where have you been?  What happened?  What did you try?  Failure is a good thing.  It shows your courage to be vulnerable and try something new.  Know you did it.  Now try something else different.  But take that birds eye view and you will see that your trail has always been a straight line!  There aren’t any circles or wrong turns.  It’s all growth.  Keep going.  You may have to slow down or stop for some chocolate, but the only way to continue is forward.