7P Happyness Directives

Seven [7P] Pathways to Healing and Happyness

Sandy M. Castillo is dedicated to educating, training and uniting people and patients to support global change for more personalized health awareness and happyness. Worldwide studies have linked cancer to unexpressed anger and in patients over 40, extreme suppression of other feelings. Healing is a conscious opportunity we can choose for ourselves every single day. Through the Seven Pathways to Wellness: Secrets of a Chemo-Induced Breast Cancer Survivor, Sandy shares a conscious journey towards living a happy and healthy lifestyle. The program builds upon itself in seven sessions that are comprised of seven learning segments each. Each workshop also includes experiential learning segments ranging from breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, journaling, walking meditation in nature, labyrinth work, and Tea Tastings.

All age ranges, fitness and wellness levels welcome to attend. The program is weekly so that you can have time to explore each module for yourself. If you haven’t been paying attention to how your body responds to life, then this will be a wake-up call. Have you felt completely out of control lately? Or consumed with fear or grief? Together you can learn how to tap into your inner healing and happyness.  In addition, the California Breast Cancer Research Program found that Dr. Spiegel’s 1989 group therapy study for women to express their anger doubled their years of overall disease-free survival (3.7 years) as compared to the group who constrained their anger (1.8 years).  If you are a caregiver, survivor or feeling fabulous, take this opportunity to expand our life!

Highlights from the Series posted daily in 2015 for 49 days. Click on any path to start your own journey here!

1;0 Attitude is Everything: From Honesty to Empowerment
You will be guided through seven stages of transformation utilizing journaling and yoga as a tool to track yourself throughout this program.

2;0 The Dream Team: Finding Awareness, Courage and Strength
Shifting throughout life can be scary and empowering but all you need is the confidence to step into life gracefully. This class will include a Meditation 101 segment to help quiet the mind and listen from the heart.

3;0 Nutrition: Digestion, Hydration and Food
This class will meet at local health and wellness stores before embarking on a tour that will change the way you think by upgrading the nutrition you are feeding your mind and body.

4;0 Lifestyle: Paying Attention to What you Love
Repeating unconscious patterns is part of life that we can’t avoid, or is it? Have you learned how to say No, Thank you? We will explore the possibilities within clearing the past as we make room for the present utilizing vibration, sound and breathing.

5;0 Stealthy Strategies: Releasing Toxins and Allowing Light
Once you understand the world around you, we will explore the many ways in which to fill it with more love and happyness. From getting a great night’s sleep to repeating patterns of happyness, we will explore how to come center through heart and mind.

6;0 Spirituality: Allowing Gratitude to Blossom
From guidance to gurus along our path towards healing and happyness, we can discern life through a new perspective of grace and respect for the past as we stay firmly planted in the present. You will also be guided through a meditation walk through nature.

7;0 Community: Framily, Advocacy and Engagement
Healing and Happyness, once cultivated continues to blossom through tools of engagement. Once the focus has sufficiently blossomed from within, the focus turns without and back to the community around you. Class will meet at The Path of Tea for our final teaching module, conversation and Tea Tasting.


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