7;0-1 Create Your Community as a Pathway to Wellness+Happyness #communityunity

For the last pathway to Wellness + Healing, we come up to Community.  As you change, your community will change so the best work you can do for everyone on the planet is on yourself.  At this point in your healing and happyness path, choosing to engage is a process of finding the right fit for you so that you can feel surrounded by happyness.

The first step on this Pathway is to start CREATING your own community.  This is the fun part!  Be yourself and search for events, programs, friends, festivals, and anything local that you can join.  And if you can’t find many things to do, then you can create your own event and draw others just like you.

Remember, when you have new eyes shining from a new place from within, everything looks different.  And at the same time, you may be drawn to Women’s Sacred Circle Meetings, or to painting or to doodling in the sun.  Go with what feels good and make a plan.  Write it down.  Don’t let the veil of forgetfulness take away your delight in choosing something fun to do.

Google search funky words.  Meet new people.  Start with gratitude always.

When I was going through cancer therapy, I was sent to my very first support group and it turned into my LAST!  Of course, I wanted to meet others that had gone through what I was about to embark on, so I went.  Me and my mother showed up and there is this one lady who commented that she was tired and had left both her wig and her breasts at home as she was wearing a plain white tshirt and it just laid flat on her chest.  While another lady kept telling me that I didn’t need a port for the chemo as she showed me her arms that were covered with black veins from the therapy.  I felt more scared when I left and THAT was when I was confused and didn’t know where to turn.  Gladly, I heard from a lady from Reach to Recovery who talked to me for a good hour about what to expect and how to handle the situations to come.  SHE was a GOD Send!  And after she talked to me, she kept saying, YOU will be just fine.  Even though I felt like I was in a gigantic cave all alone, I knew there was someone else out there that understood.  And I was inspired to share my experience and eventually I got a blog and told the world How to NOT puke – And what Radiation really feels like – and what foods worked for me and what feelings I was going through.  I blogged every single day I was in therapy and as you can see, I haven’t stopped.  The 7 Pathways came from a list I was compiling of Chemo Secrets – The Things People Share With You When They Think You Are Dying.  So, this is fitting that we come to the last pathway and it is about Community and sharing your message with other groups – that want it and need it and are waiting to hear from you!

Keep in mind that communities come and go with every breath so don’t hold onto anything or nail anything down.  They work to hold the space for the right people at the right time to come together and share messages and information with each other that is mutually beneficial for all parties.  Go with the flow.