7;5 RECYCLE Blessings for Wellness+Happyness #love #7happys

Continuing on this pathway developing your community for wellness and happyness we come to Recycling Blessings.  Because if you’ve made it THIS far, then you have become abundant and may be stockpiling love, joy, energy, things, stuff, friends, happyness, and any other richnesses.  Now is the time to SEND those babies off to whom needs them most!  Recycling blessings only sends you more happyness in return.  THIS IS THE SECRET.

Avoid trying to save that thing or idea or love nugget for the future, because the future is right NOW!  Remember you are in a RIVER of LOVE and if you keep stockpiling all those love nuggets then you will eventually build a dam and stop the flow.  Resist the urge to pack it up like a squirrel does for the fall.  NO NEED.  Here’s your mantra:  There is MORE where that came from – There is MORE where that came from.

As a cancer survivor I was constantly receiving gifts and freebies and invitations to this and to that and at first I thought, OH, this is for me?  Serious?  cool!  And before I knew it I had a closet full of stuff that I never used or needed as I flew through cancer therapies.  Until finally I started taking all those loving items people made or shared or created for us survivors and started giving them to all the other survivors I met and advocated for.

At one point, without any income and needing a wig to cover my baldness, since I am truly a Girly GIRL, I was about to purchase, with all the money in my bank, a $300 wig.  It was short and at the time I was teaching pilates and felt it was time to wear one and keep the focus on class and not me.  I decided to wait another day before purchasing it when I showed up to get my next round of chemotherapy and found that there was a chest of drawers hidden in the corner of the infusion room.  After talking to everyone there, I was curious to see what it was and it was full of hand crocheted blankets, hats and items from the local church and a small bag with brown hair hanging out.  I opened it up and out pops a wig that looks ALMOST EXACTLY like the one I was about to purchase, but BETTER!  I tried it on and everyone in the room comments, That’s looks GOOD Sandy!  Looking in the mirror it DID look good and it was close to my original shade of brown hair.  Looking around, I said, well, do I take it?  Is it Free?  Do I ask the nurse?  And everyone looks around and says, TAKE IT!  All of that stuff is donated for us.  Another lady says, And when you’re done with it, maybe return it for someone else to use.  I Lit up like a CHRISTMAS tree!  I didn’t have to spend all my dollars to get a wig after all, because someone else had recycled their own blessing.

When I was done with all of my therapies, I didn’t want to part with my Kim Kardashian wig, but I made a point of taking the first one I had purchased, and the others that had been donated BACK to the Infusion Center and put them in the chest of drawers for others to find.

Then, I started sharing with others about the wigs and found that survivors were driving all over town looking for their perfect recycled blessing!  Plus, in the waiting room one day there was a lady with multiple brain tumors and she just looked sad, as I held the door for her to enter since she was in a wheel chair.  And as we started talking she said her name was Sandra, and so I said, That’s my name and then my mother says, We are the THREE Sandy’s!  And by now I saw that the waiting room also had cabinets full of literature and then I noticed an older grey wig when I suggested that she try it on.  Oh, NO! I wouldn’t dare she said as she shook her head.  Then, everyone in the waiting area was looking at nudging her on to try it on.  I wish you could have seen her face as we helped her put it on and she grew instantly like a massive sunflower opening up to the SUN!  It was PERFECT for her and she immediately looked happyer and even more WELL.  THAT”S what Recycling blessings is all about.  Pass it on.