7;6 Awareness & Engagement for Wellness + Happyness #7happypaths

Awareness and Engagement for Wellness and Happyness is when you find a tribe or nonprofit or group of people in the community that feel comfortable to be around and you feel that they understand you.  You have become aware of an issue, say Breast Cancer and have become engaged with a nonprofit that promotes healing through connection.  My example continues today as there are so many different nonprofits that all serve one separate degree of difference between each other but yet are so vast in their offerings that I can’t HELP but be engaged!  And that engagement promotes my own internal wellness and Happyness.  Let me try to pick some top examples for you!

Since I was diagnosed prior to turning forty years old, I naturally gravitated towards other young women who were having the same experience and that led me directly to the Young Survival Coalition.  Plus, I wanted to share the knowledge that all the other nonprofits had but no one knew about to other young women.  I was also volunteering with the Girl Scouts and soon was introduced to the program director for the Aeros Indoor Hockey League and they were looking for a nonprofit in which to make a donation.  That’s when I proposed that YSC be the recipient and together we created a festival of breast cancer nonprofits to share and promote awareness to the people attending the game.  There was even a silent auction, VIP sponsorships and Road Trip Tour on the bus, a Pink Gloved Survivor Flash Mob, and the largest Pink Gloved Hand Dance ever in the Toyota Center during the game!  Plus, the night before I served as the advocate with a big crown hat while Roberta, one of the original founders of YSC served as the Healthcare Representative and Mom as we gave a presentation to a large group of young girl scouts during their sleepover to promote awareness of young women getting breast cancer.  Together we raised funds to help support YSC in their efforts to create and send free of charge educational materials to those that were newly diagnosed, metastatic and survivors.

Once you become AWARE of a nonprofit that has helped you or seen it help someone you know, then it’s up to you to ENGAGE in their offerings.  They always need funds, volunteer support, advocacy support, board support, attendance at their events, or even a share on FB to get to the people that need them the MOST.

What do YOU care about the most?  Children? Animals? Research? The Forest?  Find a nonprofit that has a mission that you can grab onto and then see what they are like by sending a starter donation of say $10 or $100 or go and attend on their events and meet the others that also care about their mission.  Growing through this community path starts with YOU, but it ends with WE. Together WE can do more.

Before you know it, you are so engaged with helping others that you are becoming more and more well and happy!  Of course, there is balance in life so take your time.  Researching is fun.  Attending cool events is great to meet others like you.  And remember your TIME is more valuable then any donation.