7;7 Advocacy for Life for Wellness+Happyness #advocacy4life

We come to the end of our journey and it’s been a great ride.  As the final pathway is realizing the community, Advocacy for Life is something you and I do every day but most just don’t realize it.  Advocacy is advocating for those that don’t know what they don’t know.  You and I don’t know what we don’t know, but someone in our path does.  And when you see with new eyes, because you’ve experienced something special or different, then you will find others that have that may not want to know just yet, but soon, or even need it now.  THAT’s when you advocate for them by sharing your own experience so that they can take what they need and continue on their own journey.  It’s a give and take.  You are experiencing new ideas every day and you also take what you need to know.  Nothing is permanent and nothing is YOURS.  It all belongs to US.  WE are part of a fabric that weaves us all together and passing it on is a blessing.  Don’t hold anything back!  That only hurts you in the end and it’s only your ego trying to make you feel super special, when deep down inside you already KNOW that you are special.  And the more you can share, educate, speak, do and just be yourself, the more you are advocating for a better life for the planet.  OK – to big.  Sorry, let me back up.

In the micro environment, it’s all about you and sharing  your gifts with others.  Invite them to join you.  Share the details you’ve experienced.  Be open and honest.  For example, I get messages from friends I’ve met once years ago who need to connect their friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer to me.  And I lovingly gladly accept the opportunity to meet with them, talk to them, text with them hope and love for their upcoming journey giving them insight and wisdom I’ve gained through my experiences, education and scholarship.

If we all reached out to each other in situations besides the life or death ones, then the world would be a better place.  So, my job is being close to intense situations and life altering experiences and I gladly accept.

Now on the macro level, more and more people are put in these positions as the levels of cancer incidence rise.  So, for each person that is diagnosed with cancer, they represent an entire community and the transformation that this person typically takes will reach numerous others for the rest of their lives.  Life situations reveal your true depth and your truest self which is centered on love.  The faster we can all accept that we are 99.9999% the same the faster we can transform the world.  Starting with your self, your love, and your life is the where you can join the river of love.