Authenticity is Key

Finding your true purpose in life takes time, patience and persistence.  Sure, lots of people make it look easy with their successful jobs and families, but the question still begs to be asked:  Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing with your time on earth?

As life changes, so does your perspective.  The one thing we can do for ourselves and for our business and personal relationships is continuing to ask questions.  Is this still working for us both?  Is what we used to do in the past still working for us today?  Is that really want you want to be doing anyway?  How can we continue to grow with each other?  Wait, what makes ME happy?  Because relationships are key to our own personal authenticity.  Each relationship is like holding up a mirror to what you value in life.  Look around you.  What do you see right now?

As Americans, we have the opportunity to change our perspective and even our mission in life more often than others.  I was recently on a conference call from Johannesburg, and when everyone introduced themselves, they spoke of their past training and subsequent jobs while we all ventured in a new direction together.  The same holds true for all the volunteers in the world that have a variety of jobs and then join together to make a difference for local nonprofits.  There are so many opportunities to find what makes you happy with your time through volunteering for special events or on a weekly basis that you can ask yourself:  What makes me happy?  And then, find a nonprofit that serves the same sort of mission and try it on for size by donating your time.  You really don’t know the answer until you try doing it.  Yes, actually doing it.

The best part about volunteering is that you can truly lose yourself in happiness and find yourself working without watching anyone’s clock.  By participating in this type of volunteerism and education, I found my true calling in life and that is creating and composing collaborative and sustainable plans within complex public and private organizations with layers of outside forces affecting the issues.  While interviewing for a job, I was thrilled to receive my individual Birkman report that not only confirmed my happiness but it actually gave me the data I needed to see to embrace my intensity for Design/Strategy defined as:  1. A work environment that emphasizes planning, innovating and creating.  2. A culture of ideas, usually with a strong strategic focus.  I am grateful for staying true to my course, even against all odds and sacrificing so much because it was all worth it!

Keep scratching at the core and you will be amazed at what you find.