Panchakarma: Year 2, Day 2 Complete

Since everyone keeps asking me about Panchakarma, I figured I’d share with you the general guidelines and why I am participating in it for my second year in a row.  For one thing, my body just loves it.  Seriously, I already have more energy, my skin looks great, and I am much more focused on my work.  Basically, I eat the same thing which is completely neutral to my body for thirty-five days, eating around the same time three times a day, without any snacking so that my body can do what it does best and heal itself!

This is what I am doing for 35 days:

  • Sprouting moon-g beans twice a week over night in a glass pitcher with clean water so that the next day I can make a fresh batch of kitcheri in a large crock pot, which I will then eat for the next few days.
    • There is a local Indian grocer where I purchased everything I needed and it was fun!
  • Roasting organic vegetables including sweet potatoes, beets and carrots in a glass pan in the oven to add to the kitcheri every day.
  • Getting up at 8am every day
    • Since I’ve returned to Houston, I’ve been getting up at all sorts of times!
  • Eating three times a day around the same time (8:30am, 12:30 and 5:30pm) with a big glass of warm uncaffeinated tea.
    • I usually eat throughout the day and rarely eat the same thing twice.
    • Which means, I am taking a glass storage dish with me to visit friends during lunch so that I can continue eating with them and being social, but staying on the program.
  • Taking care of myself.
    • Now it’s a priority every day to cook, take walks with my dogs, and even baths before going to bed.
    • I also use different oils on my skin and hair to moisturize myself since I am a Pitta Vata and coming from Colorado I was so dry and chapped that it feels great.
  • Putting myself to bed early.
    • The first night I took a bath at 7pm and fell asleep before 9pm with the lights on!  I woke up the next morning feeling completely rested and ready for an amazing day!
  • Listening to my intuition and being mindful of all of my time.
    • Rather than stressing about this or that not going the way I had planned. It’s Pure Genius.
  • Taking it one day at a time.
    • Not stressing about the length of time, because it will go by quickly.
    • Also because I’ve seen the progressive list of organs the body will cleanse as I keep up the program successfully.  I am committed to the program and love stuff like this because it takes a lot to finish.  Most people will never even try this! Would you?  I’m a purist and it worked so well for me last year that I am continuing.  And the program runs three years in a row or three sets of 35 days (5 weeks) consecutively in a row.

This is what I am NOT doing for 35 days:

  • Abstaining from using a Microwave
    • Microwaves kill all the good nutrients in your food.  Put a plant by a microwave and it will die.  But in this day in age we like everything fast!  But for now, I am not using a microwave.  I am using a tea kettle to heat water for tea and a cast iron pan to heat the kitcheri.
  • Not taking any of my usual supplements or medications (which I don’t have anyway)
    • I typically take supplements like calcium, fish oils, probiotics, Barlean’s Greens, you name it, but for now, I am not taking anything so that I can cleanse my body.
  • Abstaining from eating out, snacking and eating anything in between meals.
    • It was hard just last night when I felt so hungry before bed, but I had a big glass of tea and reminded myself that I lost 17 pounds last year when I did this and when I looked back at my journal, I was back to my original weight.  This year I plan to keep it off and keep losing weight so that I can return to my pre-cancer and post-divorce weight which I truly miss.
  • Rushing around doing last minute things and jetting into town!
    • That is my usual mode and now I wake up and listen to my intuition so that I can stay authentic and continue doing things with complete focus.

Exactly What Can I Expect During a Session with Sandy Castillo?

I get this question often, so here are the details as I invite you to schedule your first FREE 30-minute session with me today by clicking HERE!

Together we would schedule time for your session and it may be your initial consultation, weekly session or a small group session.  Here’s what you will need:

  1. Focused investment in yourself and Openness to learn new ways of expression
  2. Dedication and Attention to your own health and learning new healing modalities
  3. Computer access to either Skype or Zoom depending on if we’d like to record it or not
  4. Feet on the ground for proper connection to the earth
  5. Large glass of water or non-caffeinated tea easily reachable during the session
  6. Computer camera focused on you and your face so that we can see each others eyes
  7. Private area so you can be comfortable saying how you really feel and learning new breath work

As a Global Advocate, Mentor and Coach, here is what to expect for your experience:

  1. Complete Confidentiality
  2. Sacred Space in which to share your deepest thoughts, feelings, dreams and ideas
  3. Time focused on you and your situation with specific mentoring and coaching precisely for you
  4. Evidence-based healing modalities conducted online and together directly for your benefit
  5. Tools identified for you to use for your benefit throughout the week
  6. Follow up email outlining highlights from the session
  7. Suggested tools to use to further enhance your personal experience
  8. Guidance to continue practicing supporting yourself through the experience even after the session
  9. Optional text messages and calls to continue engaging in your own transformative experience

Tools you will be exposed to are:

  1. Easy to use and Self Soothing
  2. Based on nature and all natural to your body
  3. Free for anyone to use and any time
  4. Focused on breathing, tapping, energy, movement and awareness techniques
  5. Super Powers as I mirror you and put a voice to what your body is saying

Each Session and Each Client is Different, but many of the following issues arise that are similar including:

  1. Resistance to Change
  2. Physical pain or mental anguish from past experiences
  3. Challenges at work, or in a relationship
  4. Coping with health related issues affecting quality of life
  5. Sessions range from 30 to 120 minutes depending on depth of work needed

Schedule your first introductory session with Sandy online HERE or by emailing or Texting her directly at 713-232-9796.

8;2 Happyness Path for Breast Cancer Survivors: #VanityVanishes #BCAM

Another step on this journey for those directly affected by breast cancer is how your vanity may vanish during therapy and as a survivor.

First of all, if and when you are diagnosed, the first thing you notice is that your breast is constantly out for all the doctors to see and for good reason.  At some point, however, you will see that your vanity may diminish for your breasts as they can start to feel “as out there” as your elbows.  I will never forget living in California years ago and a friend of mine had just returned from breast implant surgery and first of all, she had zero vanity compared to me.  She made me feel overly conservative as she would walk around the house sometimes stark naked and she is the one that said her breasts were just like her elbows.  There was not shame in her body at all.  She was a great friend and I learned so much from my entire experience in California, but I digress.

So, think of your breasts as your elbows!  They are beautiful and there is no shame in having to lose your vanity during breast cancer therapy.

If you have to go through chemotherapy that knocks out your hair this includes ALL of your hair on your entire body.  From the hair on top of your head to your eye brows, under arm hair, bikini area and even legs, it will be completely gone.  At first it may seem scary to lose your hair but there are so many ways to enjoy this season, because remember, it will be back soon enough when the chemotherapy is complete.  Sometimes I’d wear a wig or nothing at all!  Then, I started to get wigs that fit my mood and even multi colored wigs just for fun.

For your eye brows and even eye lashes, you have a choice to draw in eye brows with a pencil and glue on gorgeous eye lashes in a pinch.  It’s so simple.

And the best part is not having to shave the rest of your body hair, so take the razors out of your shower for the time being.  Enjoy being hairless for the time being.  I remember, when I lost my big curly hair that I vacuumed it from my bed and the bathroom and then put all the shampoos and conditioners away in another bathroom so that I wouldn’t even see or miss them!  Getting ready was so quick.  It took me minutes to shower, and then throw on a wig while running out of the house.  And when I was complete with my therapy, I donated all the wigs back to my infusion center so that others who would be losing their hair could keep using them.

And finally, for me, being on chemotherapy, steroids and even chemopause meant I started to gain weight instead of losing weight, which is what I figured would happen at first.  And by now, I just wanted to be comfortable, so as my clothes didn’t fit, I started wearing clothes out of my mothers closet!  Why not, she had great basics in a larger size and I didn’t want to buy a new wardrobe, so I just made use of what was in the house at the time.  I was just thrilled to be alive every single day and I wasn’t about to let my size stand in the way of my happyness!

Every day we have the choice to make each moment amazing and to find happyness from within.  How are you choosing to live today?