Happyness Master Mind 7 Week Sojourn Starts June 20 4 or 7pm

A Master Mind is a group of people coming together for a common purpose to support and expand the group consciousness created together. Together we will also listen to and grow with each other towards new possibilities. This group is tailored for those available during the day this summer so that together we can shift easily towards increased happyness with others who are just like us. Together we will also definite the best time of day to continue. Feel free to invite others that you think would benefit from a Master Mind over the next seven weeks, because it will go quickly and setting our intention now is the beginning of the process.

The Happyness includes deep inner wellness, exploring, releasing andreceiving through seven different pathways. If you are ready to drop personal judgement and the inner critic, then this is for you. If you are ready to stop feeling as if you want to run away and join the circus, then this is for you! If you are ready to shift easily into a comfortable lifestyle where you feel more peaceful, grounded, and happy in your own skin, then this is for you. Make time for yourself and to come together via any device to focus on your own inner work. No one else can do this for you. Also knowing, that I am available for private sessions one on one when you are ready.

This will be a small group class and each week you are invited to make a love donation of $15 to join. Payments accepted via PayPal, Facebook or Venmo. If you feel called, you can make a larger donation at any time. This is an opportunity to work together with me as your guide through the Seven Pathways to Wellness and Happyness as a Master Mind Group.

Plus, I will be offering a later time option for those that have FT jobs on the same day each week. So if you can’t make the 4pm start time, there will also be a 7pm group #2 you can join.

There will be agreements made to start including: Time will be limited for each person to share so that we stay in agreement with our timing and focus for the class. You can also decide if your information is private or not. But together we will hold each others intentions throughout the week so that when we return the following week, we will continue up the curvilinear process towards manifesting our deepest desires.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have ANY questions @ 713-232-9796 or via text message. This first class we will come together to define both a group intention and our individual intentions, confirm our schedule and agreements to move forward. This is going to be GREAT fun! I am excited and thrilled to offer this weekly class. We will start with a short heart filled meditation before venturing down a new road. Have a big glass of water with you and a journal or peace of paper and a pen handy. Be ready for surprises!


8;2 Happyness Path for Breast Cancer Survivors: #VanityVanishes #BCAM

Another step on this journey for those directly affected by breast cancer is how your vanity may vanish during therapy and as a survivor.

First of all, if and when you are diagnosed, the first thing you notice is that your breast is constantly out for all the doctors to see and for good reason.  At some point, however, you will see that your vanity may diminish for your breasts as they can start to feel “as out there” as your elbows.  I will never forget living in California years ago and a friend of mine had just returned from breast implant surgery and first of all, she had zero vanity compared to me.  She made me feel overly conservative as she would walk around the house sometimes stark naked and she is the one that said her breasts were just like her elbows.  There was not shame in her body at all.  She was a great friend and I learned so much from my entire experience in California, but I digress.

So, think of your breasts as your elbows!  They are beautiful and there is no shame in having to lose your vanity during breast cancer therapy.

If you have to go through chemotherapy that knocks out your hair this includes ALL of your hair on your entire body.  From the hair on top of your head to your eye brows, under arm hair, bikini area and even legs, it will be completely gone.  At first it may seem scary to lose your hair but there are so many ways to enjoy this season, because remember, it will be back soon enough when the chemotherapy is complete.  Sometimes I’d wear a wig or nothing at all!  Then, I started to get wigs that fit my mood and even multi colored wigs just for fun.

For your eye brows and even eye lashes, you have a choice to draw in eye brows with a pencil and glue on gorgeous eye lashes in a pinch.  It’s so simple.

And the best part is not having to shave the rest of your body hair, so take the razors out of your shower for the time being.  Enjoy being hairless for the time being.  I remember, when I lost my big curly hair that I vacuumed it from my bed and the bathroom and then put all the shampoos and conditioners away in another bathroom so that I wouldn’t even see or miss them!  Getting ready was so quick.  It took me minutes to shower, and then throw on a wig while running out of the house.  And when I was complete with my therapy, I donated all the wigs back to my infusion center so that others who would be losing their hair could keep using them.

And finally, for me, being on chemotherapy, steroids and even chemopause meant I started to gain weight instead of losing weight, which is what I figured would happen at first.  And by now, I just wanted to be comfortable, so as my clothes didn’t fit, I started wearing clothes out of my mothers closet!  Why not, she had great basics in a larger size and I didn’t want to buy a new wardrobe, so I just made use of what was in the house at the time.  I was just thrilled to be alive every single day and I wasn’t about to let my size stand in the way of my happyness!

Every day we have the choice to make each moment amazing and to find happyness from within.  How are you choosing to live today?

8;1 For Women ONLY – One Hot Mess #BCAM

There is one more pathway just for women going through cancer that I’d like to share with you especially since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  One HOT mess is when you are on “the juice” which refers to steroids but you are literally hot from the chemicals used during chemotherapy.

Please read on with caution!

If you are going through almost any form of cancer therapy just know that you can go through what is called CHEMO PAUSE.  This is where you can stop menstruation for a period of time.  It could be a year or a few years but just know that you CAN get your period back. It’s all dependent on you, your body and the therapy you are currently going through.

For instance, when I was going through five rounds of chemotherapy that were administered once every three weeks, I had a period that was heavy and lasted for about ten days and then I didn’t have a period for about a year.  This is when you feel as if you are going through MENOPAUSE but it’s really just Chemo induced-menopause.  That’s why it’s called Chemo-Pause. Because when you are done with chemotherapy, many women resume menstruation.  And some women don’t, depending on your age.  Please check with your doctor about how you are doing throughout your therapy.

I would wake up at night in a puddle of sweat.  And since my cancer was estrogen positive, this was a welcome side-effect so that that less estrogen would be available in my cells.  And even once I started Radiation Therapy, I still did not have a period.

After chemotherapy and radiation therapy, I started on Tamoxifen and still did not have a period for quite some time.  I’d even gone from taking Tamoxifen to Femara and felt much better for a while until one day I got my period! My Oncologist at the time wanted to confirm that is was just break through bleeding and ordered a uterine biopsy to check for cancerous cells, which proved negative.  It was just my body working to get back to normal, if you ask me years later. Because I feel so much better and even lose weight when I’m menstruating.  During Chemo Pause I got sluggish and sad and started gaining weight from lack of exercise and consuming to many comfort foods.  Yet everyone is different!

I met a lady during a breast cancer support group that was on Tamoxifen and even had periods when she found out that she was pregnant.  So the big question is whether you want to have children or not so that you can be proactive during your therapy if you are ever diagnosed with breast cancer.  Many women are freezing their eggs BEFORE they start any therapies so that they are not damaged in the process.  Many women found out to late that they could never have children once they were finished with all their therapies.  Or, I was told that I could think about having kids only after I had been on Tamoxifen for at least five years.  But remember, it depends on your body so listen to yourself first, ask more questions, find a specialist and then decide how to proceed.