1;1 First Step of First Pathway of 7Pathways to Wellness & Happyness

Imagine a hurricane, with a large swirling vortex in the middle.  As far as the eye can see the entire hurricane, it is massive.  You are the bird looking down or across the hurricane and all you can see is busyness and chaos tumbling around and around and around.  THIS is where we start.  What IS going on inside you right now?  What are you hiding?  What is your story?  WTF?  What now?

The real question is, how do you REALLY feel about it all?  What are your TRUE needs?  What have you been putting up with for FAR too long?  Where is your voice?  And more importantly, what are YOU saying about yourself?  Just like the hurricane, we are constantly talking, communicating, even shouting with your words, tweeting, sharing, posting, while we are just trying to LIVE.

Do you see that chaotic swirling action going on like a huge hurricane?  Can you feel the sheer power of it all?  All of that is energy.  That is you.  Your power manifesting all around you. And your truest self-resides deep down the middle of the storm, all the way down to earth as the eye of the storm and guess what?  It’s peaceful there.  Silent.  The fullness of all that you are has been there the whole time wondering what you’re doing OUT THERE.

Out there, you are fragmented, struggling, and dang tired.  You’ve been talking in circles of your life and when you return you say, Haven’t I been here before?  Now what?  Then, before you know it, you are going round and round again, but in a different context, a different job, a different but same relationship that keeps showing up.  Ready to get off the merry go round and down to the center of your heart?  This is for you.

The first step once you accept what is truly going on around you is that you are your own hurricane of energy and everything in that hurricane moves to your own beat of the drum.  NOW, it’s time, to be HONEST with yourself about that hurricane.  It’s time for you to ride that noise.  Ride your own wave.  From energy that includes dust and everything in its path, pretend you are a surfer and sit on a surfboard.  Your surfboard is made of HONESTY because the FIRST PATHWAY consists of your Attitude because it affects Everything.

If you are scared of something, then it WILL hurt.  If you have faith in something then you give it the energy to shine and in return, you are the mirror reflecting the light back to everything in your path.  I believe that Attitude is Everything so today, try making a surfboard of Honesty with everything.  Rip that Hello Kitty band-aid OFF! Let the light in.  Stop the repeating music in your head, heart, and voice.  It’s time to SAY what you REALLY MEAN and say it with conviction.  SLOW the HELL DOWN, and take a moment to feel your response from inside first before setting off your mouth in a motor boat like fashion.

Mean what you say and SAY what you MEAN.  Honesty is a tough step to start with depending on your level of reality.  Listen to what you are saying today.  Really LISTEN.  Because words have meaning.  Words turn into things.  Be Careful what you are voicing into your hurricane.  Honesty is your first baby step into the world of health, wellness and most of all HAPPYNESS.


Now put this song in your head!

6 Year Anniversary Gratitude: Releasing the 7 Pathways to Wellness

In thanks to having social media save my life when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer upon returning from Geneva and starting a four-year-long divorce process, I am going to post every single day for the next forty+ days what I experienced and now can share with you!  It’s the 7 Pathways to Wellness and it starts for anyone at that time when you know nothing.  You are starting fresh and new and it all seems like an out of body experience.  Maybe you’ve experienced a car wreck of some kind or another, or you’ve just separated from a loved one, or started a new career or job.  It’s about emptying your cup and sometimes it’s not by accident.  It’s just TIME to start ANEW.  And I am also going to travel the experience from a fresh cancer-free perspective with you.

For today, just know that you can come here to get a morsel of goodness that may inspire and export you to a different thought process that focuses on life, relationships, and of course, it is all centered around your HEART! And it will be fulfilling from the inside first before you start seeing your life change on the outside around you.  I’m releasing this with love and great intentions for everyone that comes across a segment.  I have to warn you though, that it is progressive, so you may find concepts and segments more interesting that others and still find more growth from segments you’ve already read from the past in different aspects of your life.  It’s that powerful if you can hold on for the entire educational and experiential process to occur.  So, for today, be thankful for everything you have because it is all centered around YOU, by you and for you.  Feel your emotions as they come up and fade away like the clouds in the sky.  Let them pass.  Because tomorrow we start!

Welcome to my heart,