7;5 RECYCLE Blessings for Wellness+Happyness #love #7happys

Continuing on this pathway developing your community for wellness and happyness we come to Recycling Blessings.  Because if you’ve made it THIS far, then you have become abundant and may be stockpiling love, joy, energy, things, stuff, friends, happyness, and any other richnesses.  Now is the time to SEND those babies off to whom needs them most!  Recycling blessings only sends you more happyness in return.  THIS IS THE SECRET.

Avoid trying to save that thing or idea or love nugget for the future, because the future is right NOW!  Remember you are in a RIVER of LOVE and if you keep stockpiling all those love nuggets then you will eventually build a dam and stop the flow.  Resist the urge to pack it up like a squirrel does for the fall.  NO NEED.  Here’s your mantra:  There is MORE where that came from – There is MORE where that came from.

As a cancer survivor I was constantly receiving gifts and freebies and invitations to this and to that and at first I thought, OH, this is for me?  Serious?  cool!  And before I knew it I had a closet full of stuff that I never used or needed as I flew through cancer therapies.  Until finally I started taking all those loving items people made or shared or created for us survivors and started giving them to all the other survivors I met and advocated for.

At one point, without any income and needing a wig to cover my baldness, since I am truly a Girly GIRL, I was about to purchase, with all the money in my bank, a $300 wig.  It was short and at the time I was teaching pilates and felt it was time to wear one and keep the focus on class and not me.  I decided to wait another day before purchasing it when I showed up to get my next round of chemotherapy and found that there was a chest of drawers hidden in the corner of the infusion room.  After talking to everyone there, I was curious to see what it was and it was full of hand crocheted blankets, hats and items from the local church and a small bag with brown hair hanging out.  I opened it up and out pops a wig that looks ALMOST EXACTLY like the one I was about to purchase, but BETTER!  I tried it on and everyone in the room comments, That’s looks GOOD Sandy!  Looking in the mirror it DID look good and it was close to my original shade of brown hair.  Looking around, I said, well, do I take it?  Is it Free?  Do I ask the nurse?  And everyone looks around and says, TAKE IT!  All of that stuff is donated for us.  Another lady says, And when you’re done with it, maybe return it for someone else to use.  I Lit up like a CHRISTMAS tree!  I didn’t have to spend all my dollars to get a wig after all, because someone else had recycled their own blessing.

When I was done with all of my therapies, I didn’t want to part with my Kim Kardashian wig, but I made a point of taking the first one I had purchased, and the others that had been donated BACK to the Infusion Center and put them in the chest of drawers for others to find.

Then, I started sharing with others about the wigs and found that survivors were driving all over town looking for their perfect recycled blessing!  Plus, in the waiting room one day there was a lady with multiple brain tumors and she just looked sad, as I held the door for her to enter since she was in a wheel chair.  And as we started talking she said her name was Sandra, and so I said, That’s my name and then my mother says, We are the THREE Sandy’s!  And by now I saw that the waiting room also had cabinets full of literature and then I noticed an older grey wig when I suggested that she try it on.  Oh, NO! I wouldn’t dare she said as she shook her head.  Then, everyone in the waiting area was looking at nudging her on to try it on.  I wish you could have seen her face as we helped her put it on and she grew instantly like a massive sunflower opening up to the SUN!  It was PERFECT for her and she immediately looked happyer and even more WELL.  THAT”S what Recycling blessings is all about.  Pass it on.

7;4 Building BRIDGES w/Full-FILLment for Wellness+Happyness

In my professional and personal life, I stumble upon opportunities to build bridges for wellness and happyness.  Let me explain:  When you can see somewhere you want to go but it’s far far away and they are over there waiving at you, but there is a marsh or even a deep cavern in between you both.  Have you see this before?  You’re like, what the HAIL? How exactly am I supposed to get over THERE?  That could take a lot of time but it would be worth it.  Flying is a magical experience to meet half way, but ultimately you may need to return to your side to create an easier path for deeper communication.  Thus, the BRIDGE needs to be built and someone has to go find middle ground – someone has to go first.

I imagine the first pier being poured into place so that each side can have a foundation in which to connect to from each side, like building a bridge.  That first pier is always the hardest.  Someone usually gets dirty in the process but there is always a silver lining.  It’s just a new experience.  Going somewhere you haven’t been before.  It ALWAYS looks worse than it really is.  Getting over the fear takes time.  Then, before you know it, you’re there in the space between and guess what?  There are other ideas and connections being made to promote even more bridges from that point, because you are not alone.  You just couldn’t see anything from your original vantage point.

Just the idea of connecting starts bringing together resources that you weren’t aware were out there waiting to be called upon.  That’s where faith comes in.  Knowing what you don’t know.  Then, before you know it, you reach out to accept help with building this bridge and the new perspective looking back at your side changes immediately.  Ahhh…  Know THAT makes sense.  From that point you can see the rest of the bridge coming into existence and all the other people and communication you are helping for the rest of the community, because NO ONE wanted to go there first or alone.  THAT’s called LEADERSHIP.  Take a big breath and know that the universe has already gone ahead and pre-wired the path for you.  For all you know there the power grid is underneath just ready to be turned on to light the way for both sides to meet in between.

It’s a network in between the spaces that was just waiting to be noticed and fulfilled.  Get it.  FULL-FILLED.  Growing and stretching out works for both your body, heart and mind.  Yet focusing on this one bridge takes intention, patience and love. Meeting half way is a great place.  Decorate the bridge.  String it with loving lights. Add flowers, trees and lush plants for shade. Play music.  Ring Bells. Hit the switch and turn it ON.  See what happens next as for all you know, there are all sorts of connections about to be made – which all lead to your wellness and happyness.

When I was sick, I used CaringBridge.org to create a bridge of knowledge and communication for all the friends I’d collected throughout my life from all over the globe giving my everyone a sense of peace that I was taking care of myself and the world was taking care of me.  I even had a sorority sister later tell me that she never contacted me during my cancer therapy because she kept up with my blog and saw that I was totally fine doing my thang.  Just like building a bridge, people and resources will show up that you may or may not need at the time.  That’s all good.  Those people return and ultimately share news of your new bridge and can send others that need to see what you’ve done for themselves.  And those people for me, are those recently diagnosed with breast cancer all the way to those in survivorship looking for ways to advocate for others.  There is a rainbow of opportunities and information available throughout the entire process and everyone needs something a little different for their pathway to healing.

If you or someone you know has been recently diagnosed with cancer please share my contact information with them or send me their information so I can reach out to them.  I am available any time, any where.  713-232-9796 SandyMCastillo@gmail.com

7;3 Friends + Family = FRAMILY for Wellness+Healing #Framily

As we continue in the Community Pathway, this one will become very apparent as you continue engaging with the community, growing in your happyness and wellness.  Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds.  Your friends as well as your family will start to create a tribe of people that are your continued connection to the community.

Just think about it for a moment.  Who do you talk to every morning?  Check your phone and who is in your recent text messages?  Who do you make plans with for trips, retreats, holidays and special events?

Your family will always be your family and some of them will automatically be in alignment with your intentions for health and wellness and so won’t – and that’s OK!  Remember, you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.  Choose wisely!

For example, when I spent a year in Geneva with my ex husband, and it was the last year we were together, I yearned for my family.  Also because I was completely disconnected from my country, my people, my community, everything.  Actually, at the time, and I know better now, I was following my husband who wanted to leave our country and be with someone else.  If only I had known earlier, I would NOT have left.  But hind sight is always clearer… So for me, that year I spent meeting new people and making all sorts of new friends around activities like scrapbooking (Yes, I used to teach at the time!) and traveling and of course, chocolate and visiting swiss chocolate making places.  Oh, the fun!

So, when we started the divorce, I had exactly three months to find a job, since I was an American and my ex husband was German, or I had to go back to the states.  At first, I wanted to stay and tried everything possible to get a job until one day I just knew that I had to leave.  It was a big smack in the face but it was the only way to move forward and so I put my dog on the next flight and then I got a ticket on the same flight.  First of all moving to Europe is a massive undertaking, so after a year moving home, was a snap.  Everything fell into place, I gave away all the plants, stored all my furnishings, packed lots of clothes and my computer and got on a plane.  My mother and my cousin were there to greet me and I was a complete MESS.  So, I know what it’s like to create a Framily over and over again since I’ve been in so many different places over my lifetime.  I even had to do this when I was recruited to work in Silicon Valley after college and it turned out to be one of the best times of my life, and also where I met my ex husband.  So, it’s fitting that I came back home, back to ZERO.

Even now, as I continue to share, teach, advocate and experience so much healing I continue to meet amazing people and through Facebook, and social media my own tribe continues to form with so many outlets for my work and play.

Take a look around you and who to do you trust?  Who do you love?  Who makes you laugh?  Who do you want to spend time with?  And know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in life when you have gratitude for everything little thing around you and bless the space you call home.