The Whole Hand

As with most people, everyone has ups and downs in life.  The lesson is to remember that these experiences are just like the weather and if you stay focused and centered, the unpleasant experiences will soon pass.  And as an intuitive person with numerous gifts and super powers, even I have bad days! For me, since I am sensitive to the energetic powers of the universe, I can tell you when these conscious shifts are happening because all I have to do is look at my life.  During the last big shift here are five things that happened to me that when you count on one hand give you the whole hand and that’s when I know to stop everything I’m doing and get centered, take care of myself and focus within until the storm passes.  For instance, here are five major experiences that seemed to go on in tandem over a span of two weeks while I cried,  “Uncle” until I got the lesson and now I can teach them:

  1. Turning on the Recycling Service – One day, seemingly out of nowhere, I was having breakfast outside on the patio, like I normally do when I got a verbal kick in the pants from my dad.  What I couldn’t understand is where all the rage came from that originated about the fact that I needed to take out the bin for recycling.  The only problem was, we didn’t have that service anymore and I was in the process of having it turned on.  This led me to my own internal journey of self-discovery before returning to fill out the form and turning on the recycling service.  I’m sorry.  Please Forgive Me.  Thank you.  I love you.
  2. Allowing Zoe to Cross the Rainbow Bridge – Within this time, I took Zoe and Giselle to local dog parks and both times was shamed for having Zoe with me when she was visibly a ghost of herself and outwardly looked like a sad zombie. This was another biggie for me.  It took a nice older lady who shared her own story with me and of letting her dog go that finally sunk in.  I finally saw her from a different perspective as having done her lovely job with me for more than fourteen years and she was just waiting for me to put on my big girl pants and call the vet to make a date.  To this day, I’ve never been able to cry at the drop of a hat until now.  Zoe was so tired and so ready to go that she gave me multiple signs that I was doing the right thing and when it happened, she was happyer.  Plus, she has already come to see me on multiple occasions.  She is everywhere now.  And I think of her every single day thanking her for being my companion during my transition from married to single.  I think that was the biggest reason why I couldn’t see a life without here.  It was because I was afraid of being without her and alone.  It did take some time to learn how to sleep in my room without her but I am adjusting and feeling stronger every day.  Thank you Zoe!  I’m sorry.  Please Forgive Me.  Thank you.  I love you.
  3. Ending the Illusion of a Partner – And during this same period of time, while everything seems like it’s crashing down around me, I turned to a friend who has also been a partner over the past ten years.  He always seems to be there for me but only when I really need it.  He must be an angel because you’d never know he existed in between the calls and visits.  But during this time, he shared other examples of how vindictive he could be with his clients and then how passive aggressive he was being with another woman when I could clearly see that he’d been filling a void for me that he couldn’t fill for himself, much less me.  He had been part of my own fairy tale illusion and when I finally got enough courage to state the obvious, I could actually feel that he had been enjoying my energy when I needed to cut it off once and for all.  And boy did I get so much energy back!  I had no idea I had been carrying around that illusion while he was a willing participant for his own distorted needs.  He was also a remnant from my past patterns that are now recycled and empowered solely for me!  I’m sorry.  Please Forgive Me.  Thank you.  I love you.
  4. Owning my Power – During those two weeks, I stayed with a girlfriend who had also been filling a need for me to get away over the years.  Her house is darling, she has a really cool job and her life is totally fun.  I love her.  Yet, when I was there and concerned about staying out of her way while I was going through my own metamorphosis, I seemed to grow myself right out of her space. I was experimenting with my own Akashic clearing gifts starting with myself, which I always do before sharing with my friends and clients, and it was powerful.  So powerful that I was able to get myself out of my own way, and boy am I stubborn so that the transformations could complete its process on me. Before I left to house sit for another friend and client, I offered the same deep transformative experience for her and once I was able to tap into her Akashic records I just started sharing all the messages that had been waiting for her to receive.  Then, before I left and she was now out of town, we had both shifted so much energy that her guest room and the office was ready to transform itself when I moved a massive shelf away from some windows to the opposite wall.  Let’s just say, everything continued to just fall into place!  Even when she returned from her trip she kept sending images of her new space as she kept moving stuff around and it looked beautiful, open, spacious and brand new!  We were both brand new.  I’m sorry.  Please Forgive Me.  Thank you.  I love you.
  5. Acknowledging My Feminine Ancestors – This has also been an underlying theme during the big shift that I experienced earlier this year.  And here it is.  Acknowledging all the women in my lineage, all the children that didn’t get to say their names or live a life, all the power they came to this world with and then never got to use!  One of my friends and gurus helped me notice this within minutes of ushering Zoe across the rainbow bridge.  And of course, since I adopted her when I was finally willing to accept the fact that I was not going to have a big family like I had imagined.  And for fourteen years she was with me the entire way.  Yet there were so many others that had voices that were never heard and I was able to tap into their energy, hear their cries and give them the love they needed by acknowledging them one by one.  Another powerful ceremony just happened one day with a friend at the Springs that spurred so much recognition of the signs that were all around me.  I was finally able to connect the dots and they all made perfect sense.  Oh, yeah.  Now I get it.  Right on.  I’m sorry.  Please Forgive Me.  Thank you.  I love you.

Each experience revealed a different sort of process and I am here to share the tools needed to expedite the process.  Working with so many friends, clients, family members, guests and even strangers allows our union to transmute the energy safely, quickly and with me as your guide.  It’s been a blessing and I love how the path continues to unfold.  When you are ready to focus on your own gifts and would love a guide and find yourself reading these posts or thinking about what it would be like, then let me know.  Think of me as your Spiritual Advocate since I expertly guide you towards a more harmonious lifestyle with fun and laughter exposing you to a whole new world.


Energy Clearing: White Butterflies Everywhere!

When I was at Burning Man last Fall for the first time, I ended up with some friends at Shamandome.  They were all going to take a class on finding out about their spirit animal, to which I just laughed.  I said, “I can tell you that!”  But that’s not as much fun as this class.  We partnered up and quickly within the first guided visualization, my partner could see my spirit animal which is a white crane.  But my point in telling you this story is because the question I posed at the end, was, Where am I going to live?  And even this week during a women’s group, this was my exact same question.  And the answer is still the same.  White Butterflies are all the little journies I get to go on since it’s just so fun.  And this is also what I call being Full Service for my friends and clients because it includes your surroundings which are having an impact on your life even as you read this because everything is made of energy.  Plus, it all makes sense when I’ve been teaching, coaching advocating and traveling and house/dog/cat/plant sitting since I graduated from college in the 90’s.  And here is a peek into that world so that you can understand what I am talking about:

  • While in Colorado in 2016 I was house sitting and camping for months on end and it was so much fun for me.  One of my friends, who I’ve known for years became a client with her first session when I was focused on tapping and I soon discovered that my body is also a mirror for messages she was not receiving for herself.  She attended a New Moon Sisterhood Circle and then offered her place to me while she was out of the country for six weeks.  The only problem was, I was in Texas teaching at a retreat and she needed a ride to the airport.  Excitedly, I drove back to Colorado, took her to the airport and when I got back to her home the real work began. While working with clients via Skype at her place, it just seemed lonely and when I would go to bed, I always felt the need to keep the bedroom door closed.  Soon, I saged the entire house, set up my stuff as if I lived there and that’s when the visits began.  First, there was tapping on the glass in the middle of the night and once I texted my friend, she confirmed that it also happened to her and she told me about her own experience with tapping in the middle of the night.  But then, while in her living area, I also felt energetically pulled and pushed and that’s when my friend finally revealed to me that she had lived there with her ex-husband before they divorced.  This took on a whole new level for energetically clearing and blessing her home.  Soon, there was another session focused on the home that included more intentions to rid the house of energetic baggage and before it was done my friend texted me wondering what was happening at home because she was feeling much lighter and happier for the first time in years! This is what I call Full Service.  It was because I cared about her, and we’d worked together and she trusted me with her place that over time I was able to not only uplift her and the feelings in her apartment but also my own business was able to support my visit to Burning Man and a move to Telluride.  We both came out ahead in the end.  And while I was there, she received a new appliance from her landlord while I received gifts from everyone around me.  I loved living there, for the time being, met great people who inspired me to go to Telluride and even went on a super fun date.  She helped me and I helped her.  There was an energetic exchange so that both of us could experience our lives in the present moment with increased happyness and fun!

As a full-service house sitter, it is my pleasure to offer the following opportunities to clear, organize and uplift your home including:

  1. House Sitter – Keeping your valuable space full of positive energy as I am an adult who has owned homes and lived in Europe. I enjoy the placement of things and find that some tweaks can be made while I am here that you may not even notice.  First and foremost is the flow of energy including furniture and lighting. And the refrigerator will also be left completely organized among other things.
  2. Dog Sitter – Giselle and I have traveled all over and together we love to visit and take care of your pets while you are out of town.  Typically my schedule is super flexible and I spend large amounts of time in silence as I work as a writer. Plus, your pets won’t have to go to a kennel or have a visitor show up once or twice a day. Your little friends, aka your pets, get loved and will have a companion at night at home with them.
  3. My favorite things to do depending on what you need is offer suggestions on where to place furniture when you are ready.  You can do it yourself or I can help.  Plus, I love to hang pictures.  I had a housemate once that needed a place to stay during her divorce. When she moved into her new home, she called me and in one day I hung over 50 pictures all over her entire new house.  It was the best!  I also found out that her ex-husband didn’t allow her to hang anything unless it was measured perfectly.  Which is why I took so much joy in eyeballing every nail and when it was done she was ecstatic! She giggled every time I hammered in a nail.  Keep in mind that I studied architecture and have an excellent perspective for placing things for maximum enjoyment in a home.
  4. When we are done socializing, I typically take one person or couples into a private session.  For instance last night I was with a client I met last year who had also referred me to her family members who then worked with me via Skype while I was on my road trip for more than six months.  So seeing them both together and in person was a great reunion.  I took her into the guest room where we started with specific breathing exercises that supported the release of the ego before moving into a heart opening partner meditation that pointed out a need to focus on receiving more than giving.  Then, adding in therapeutic oils for tension points, to balance energy at her feet and clear the noise so she could sleep, she laid down and closed her eyes.  Through a guided visualization we went on a journey to energetically clear and release unwanted karmic or energetic relationship ties and ended with making statements for her highest good.  Throughout the journey, I’d share personal messages I was receiving for her and it ended with her feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to go to sleep.  Within minutes I could hear her snoring!

Don’t be surprised if you invite me to your home and I show up with my own tea kettle, kimono, pillows, and IMAC! Because there are things that I bring that I love.  So, no matter where I am I can feel at home.

Contact me at 713-232-9796 to find out if you and your space are ready for the Full Service treatment so that while you are here and away you can feel more joy and merriment knowing everything is taken care of and with special attention, love and care.




Lessons from Last Years Road Trip


Last year when I took off for my first road trip, I took only what would fit in my car along with my two canine companions, Zoe and Giselle.  There were many lessons learned as I am planning for my next trip.  And since I receive so many questions about how I did it, I wanted to share some of the pearls of wisdom with you.

  1. Know Your Own Domain

    – First and foremost, make sure that you have all of your services and safeguards set up and accessible online or through your phone.  For instance, my bank account is set up for online banking and I can view my accounts using an app by Intuit called Mint.  It allows me to easily see where all of my money is coming and going and how the budgets are working.  Plus, I use another app that does not charge to transfer money between services, clients and friends to send and receive money directly to my bank account and it’s called Venmo.  I also have a PO Box set up for mail that I can use for personal mail, or I can have it sent to my parents’ address which is my Home Base.  Right now, since I am currently in Houston, I spent $1 through USPS to have the mail from the PO Box in Colorado routed to the address here so that I am not missing anything pertinent I need to know like a W2 or information to complete my taxes.  You can have your mail sent almost anywhere for a specific amount of time.  Plus, almost all services offer online billing access or provide messages via email, so just make sure there aren’t any loose ends before you go anywhere.

    • Universal Devices

      – On my journey last year, I ended up taking five different computers which was three more than I needed.  Remember to consolidate what you need before you go so you don’t end up like me having to be concerned when the temperature in your car gets to high or to low.  I had taken my Samsung phone with service through ATT and a tablet and three different computers.  Of course I had a charger for the car so that I could use my phone for directions where ever I went.  Plus, I activated the voice access so that I could just talk to it while driving.  However, depending on your car, you may have more options plus hands free access.  The main computer I love is my big IMAC and I set it up once I found a place to live and I even watched movies on it so it was perfect.  The other two were an old Apple laptop that I loved to type on, but it was so old and unable to get online (which I liked as it kept me focused on writing) as I continued to work on the manuscript for my first book and the second was an old Dell that could get online so I could use it while on the road to Skype with my clients.  Plus, I used the wifi access from my cell phone to pair with my other devices to access services like Skype which is free or NetFlix where I accessed my dad’s account.

    • Stay Connected in Real Time

      – Utilizing social media is the best way I’ve found to stay in touch with great friends from all over the country and the world.  And because I’ve lived in Texas, Colorado, California and France/Switzerland, I can instantly send and receive messages or contact friends along my journey. However, it’s always best to give your friends some time as a notice of your pending arrival rather than just showing up, but that’s your call. In the states, if you’re close to a friend then it depends on how you feel about calling them first or just knocking on their door.  When I lived in France, it was considered highly unlikely that anyone would answer if you didn’t call in advance.  In France, it just wasn’t done unless you were related in some way.  Everyone is different.  My best advice is to cultivate relationships by being authentic because you never know who or when you may be able to help them or they might be able to help you.  Plus, whenever I finish or leave an area I always make sure to thank your friends or whomever was there to support you along the way.  Gratitude goes a long way and there have been many times I’ve offered a safe refuge for friends along the way.  It’s not about bartering, it’s about allowing and supporting while acting as a conduit for everyone’s journey.

  2. Plan B is for Being Flexible

    – When I left for my journey, it was a gut feeling to go.  I wasn’t really prepared to be gone for six months, but it happened because I was flexible to allow things to manifest without judging and saying, No, sorry, I didn’t plan that.  Don’t be a Goof! Your journey is what happens in between point A and Point B.  Remember this.  Everyone says it but when you are on the road and open to receive, you will have the most amazing experiences that were never planned.  When you put yourself out there to learn and feel something new and different, the Universe will always provide.  For me, I wasn’t sure where I was going to go first, all I knew was that I was headed to Colorado.  Until a friend said, Come and visit me in Comfort, Texas.  I immediately had to laugh, really? Comfort as in somewhere comfortable?  Well, Of course, that is where my journey is supposed to start, so I said, Yes.  I said Yes, even though I could not imagine where I was going or what Comfort looked like.  again, it’s about the people and connecting the dots even if you feel as if you are going sideways or backwards instead of forwards.  It’s all the same path.  It’s all the right path.  Always have a Plan B in the back of your mind, and then forget about it because you’ll come across a variety of alternative plans, but only once you are on the road.  Remember, you just can’t see it until you come up on it in person.

    • Be Prepared or Be Prepared to Stop and Get Prepared

      – This is from my childhood growing up as an adventurer and in the Girl Scouts, but it’s so true.  Packed in my car with easy access when ever I stopped along the road every few hours was everything my dogs could or would need.  From dog food to their leashes and I’d even printed out their shot records just in case I needed it, but now they are online.  And located under the dog beds was a hanging bag with a few professional dresses and casual dresses with matching shoes, just in case I needed them.  Tapping into your inner bag lady does not mean you are homeless, because you are on a journey you’ve chosen to accept.  Yet, when I was staying at a local campground, I needed one bag for all the items I used for taking a shower, getting dressed, doing my hair or putting on my makeup.  This also means that you need to choose what to take and not all twelve shades of lipstick, unless that is a priority for you.  Leave the access at home, or in storage or donate it to someone else that needs it more than you do.  Remember that while on the road, you can stop at any store to find what you may need if you don’t have it right then.  For instance, I needed a tent and camping supplies so I stopped in Colorado to purchase what I needed and got an eight person tent and a queen sized air mattress so that the girls would have room inside the tent on the floor and we could camp throughout Colorado which was incredibly beautiful and totally fun! Remember, if you really need it, you can find it on the way.  This is just a caution so that you don’t come home with a dozen books and a snorkel like I did when I returned which made me laugh. I was a little over prepared with the snorkel, and I actually came home with more books that I originally left with.

    • Know Your Comfort Zones

      – Have a general idea of where you want to go.  I knew I wanted to head towards Colorado, so I could roughly map out the direction and find stops along the way to spend the night.  Knowing your zone includes many things.  First, for me, I didn’t want to drive more than three hours before stopping to let the girls out of the car for at least ten minutes along our way.  So, I knew my comfort zone for the dogs.  Another zone was how long I wanted to drive in one day.  I knew that I didn’t want to drive at night or on weekends because it would be busy and I am averse to traffic.  My driving comfort zone was between 9am and 5pm.  Once I had my comfort zones I could set off loosely translating them as I continued.  Plus, my own personal zones of taking care of myself including eating around the same time every day, or at least when I was hungry I would stop. This included having an ice chest with basic items for each meal, just in case there wasn’t anything around me at the time I was hungry when I was on the road. This could also include watching your gas gage so that you can refuel easily because on my way out of Texas there weren’t any gas stations for over a hundred miles, so I ended up refueling whenever my gage got down to half a tank or when I was camping in the mountains.

SandySparkles is a Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Guidance Counselor urging everyone to get out and take a journey soon!  When following your heart, sometimes you need to get in the car or take a flight to find the right environment for a better mindset.  These are just some tips before you go.  Thank you.