Why Telluride… You Ask?

Why Telluride… You Ask?  Well, it is one of the first places where I was completely and irreversibly inspired to follow the unknown.  You see, I was in Telluride with my then husband, for a corporate meeting and retreat.  While he was in meetings, I was just learning how to snowboard and could only heel side, which meant I was tired most of the time trying to get down the hill.  Plus, my ex husband was learning how to fly, so he loved having to take a mountain flight from Denver to Telluride and the fact that the landing strip was angled up towards landing planes.  So, I ventured out one day on the slopes to get the best picture I could of the landing strip for him.  It was beautiful the way it’s set out like a cliff angled up to the sky, greeting planes as they landed while still in the air.

You can see this coming, when I didn’t know that I could lift down the mountain on the gondola or ski lifts so I went out as far as I could to get a great picture, and then got exhausted trying to get home on the snow going painfully slow.  Finally, on one such fall to the snow on my knees, I got a sharp shooting pain that eventually led to a swollen knee.

The urgent care unit kept doing a weird test on my knee and then saying, She tore her ACL.  To that, I was horrified!  That’s THE worst!  The next day, while in a knee brace and on meds, I was sent to the Spa for the corporate Ski Day.  For some reason, someone had told me about getting a Reiki appointment at the Golden Door and the thought excited me since I’d never had an appointment like that before.  I figured Reiki was new and different and I wanted to see what it was like.

I called the Red Door spa and asked for a certain lady, that was also suggested and the person booking the apppointments was aghast, when she said, She books up months in advance, I doubt there will be anything for you.  But I’ll look.  Hmmm, she says, Well lookie here, there was a last minute cancellation so there is an appointment available for you today.  Great, I said, That’s MY appointment and took it.

Excitedly, I made it to the Spa and was led to her room for the appointment that seemed dark, but on bright white tile and as I layed down on the table that felt like a gurney because of the blankets on top of metal.  The lady was like Glenda the Good Witch as she floated around to me, as she guided me to the table.  She didn’t walk.  She flowed.

Laying down, she says, Have you ever had a Reiki appointment before?  I said, No, but I am definitely open and ready for a new experience.  She smiles, and as I am laying back on the table, she can see that my left knee is swollen and in a brace, when she suggests that we take off the brace for the appointment.  I took it off and then she floats down to my feet saying, Let me just put my hands on your big toes and see how open you really are.  She puts her hands on my big toes and all I felt was a huge warm wave of water rolling through my feet to my legs and all the way through my body, as she releases my toes, and says, Yes, looks like you are open!

She floats around my table and then sits behind my head as I doze off trying to stay away as the floating continues inside my body.  Then, before I know it, she is waking me up.  Sandy, you are going to feel a bit woozie and light.  What I need for you to do is go down the hall to the spa and step your feet into the water.  This will ground you immediately.  Take your time getting there, but make sure you put your feet in the water.

She is helping me sit up on the table when I notice that my knees are the exactly same size, and looking started, she says to me, You didn’t tear your ACL.  Your knee will be just fine.  Just have a doctor look at it when you get home.  The swelling was completely gone and as I looked surprisingly at her, she just gently smiled and floated on around me to help me stand up.  She is holding onto me, as we both start to float towards the door.

She points me down the hall, Thanking me for being so open and enjoying my first Reiki session, when she leaves me as I continue floating away from her.  By now she is waving and smiling good bye, before I turn to look ahead and see the empty women’s lockerroom, which I have all to myself.  Then, I see the spa entrance and continue floating into the room as the door automatically opens.  The spa seems spacious and guilded with shiny tiles and a vaulted ceiling with day light peaking through the windows, and as I walk up the stairs I come to a stop at the top.  Looking around at the beautiful spa full of bubbling water and knowing that no one else is there, I immediately remember to ask about Forest.  Forest the Fairy.

You see, my Aunt had seen a ghost at the end of her bed one morning, and was scared about the experience.  At the time I was teaching spinning at Lake Austin Spa Resort on Sundays and when I told a friend who worked at the Spa about my Aunt’s experience, she said, Oh, she needs to meet Jackie, the Angelic Reader.  What?  Angelic Reader?  What’s that?  Well, I got Jackie’s number and called her to schedule my own reading for my birthday.  It was coming up and I always did something new and special on my birthday.  Then, my mother wanted to join me, so she did.

We spent an hour or so at Jackie’s as she told us about our angels and guides and what they were trying to share with us.  Jackie had said, that I had three big fabulous, laughing ladies as angels and guides and that there was one more fairy, but his name was Forest.  And she didn’t know if he was good or evil and that bugged me.  What are you saying exactly?  I asked Jackie.  She said, Fairies can shape shift and go back and forth, but I shouldn’t worry about it even though he was not accepted by the three angels.

So, before I stepped into the bubbling beautiful water, I said out loud, Forest, Are you evil?  And as clear as I can hear mother nature, I heard a voice behind my left ear say, Yess!  And it surprised me, but I wasn’t scared.  Remember I am fully filled with light and feel like floating because I am so light.  But right then and there I said with conviction, Well, then, Forest, you can just be on your own way because we don’t need you anymore, I don’t want you here anymore, you can GO!  And with that last word, I threw myself into the spa with a splash!

And like that I was snapped back into the reality of living on the planet.  Being so full of energy and connected to everything expanding felt so wonderful and now I felt human and grounded to the earth.  I was back to walking.  The floating time was over.  And I wasn’t scared for myself because I had experienced so much love and connectness from my first Reiki appointment that I was forever changed.  Plus, my knee felt and looked perfectly fine.  Plus, from the spa, there was a small square window and it was the perfect view of the landing strip.  I took a picture.  See, I told those doctors that I didn’t tear my ACL and I was right.  That was another big experience for me to know how I felt even though the doctors put me in a brace and sent me off to get an MRI completed when I got home.  I knew it.  It’s fine.

For the longest time I never told anyone this story.  The fact that I did hear a response from Forest from behind my left ear, seriously kind of freaked me out.  All I knew was that I had to state my intention with spirits and remind them that I am living on this earth, not them.  And that they were just visiting me, for reasons I still didn’t understand.

At this time in my life, I am trying to have children and also learning that I was one of nine women, at the time, that had a predetermined genetic transolocation in chromosomes 8 and 18 that kept me from becoming a mom.  And this became a struggle within my marriage especially since we got everything else we’d ever wanted.  Why couldn’t we have our own family?

When I got back home to Austin, Texas I had to get an appointment in an open MRI and that’s when I found out that I had a slight tear in my medial meniscus.  Years later, after cycling and teaching pilates, I would have to have 20% of the medial meniscus removed.  But by then, I’d also have had Jackie over to read my entire families angels from futon in the living room.  We were all there, and she was reading us all at the same time.  My cousins, Aunt, mother were all there to learn more about the energy that surrounds us all the time and even today, Jackie is still in my life.  She moved to Boulder, after we moved to Evergreen and even now, she still teaches yoga but doesn’t offer anymore readings.  She didn’t like giving people bad news, she says.

Even during my divorce while living in Geneva, I’d call her to see what was going on with my marriage and she would tell me to get my finances under control because he was already hiding accounts and pretending as if he was never married and I didn’t exist.

Hearing from Forest was one of many experiences that I couldn’t believe for a long time and rarely told anyone.  That is until more and more experiences kept unfolding around me until I woke up to my own energy super powers.  Being around me means that your life is going to get moving.  You get increased clarity and inner strength to change what’s going on in your life and you start to figure out new opportunities to get those things done that make you happyest.  From coughing up what could have become a tumor in my lungs on my first day of Panchakarma, after chugging down a warm glass full of water and ghee, to facing a certain way to promote enhanced growth in my career path as prescribed by Feng Shui, I can feel the energy around my furniture and even germs from old sofas.  I’ve become ultra sensitive.

My gift is to mentor and coach using Theta healing, Meridian Tapping and even channeling feelings you are to close to realizing.  From clearing your house of unwanted and old stagnant energy, and energy from past relationships and lovers, everything in your possession affects you. For years I went through my things and if they reminded me of anything sad or negative, then they were donated.  Then, I had a one year rule, where if I didn’t use it or think about it within one year, then it had to go.  Plus, I finally gave away the necklace that my ex gave me during my final birthday celebration with him where he waited just to tell me he wanted a divorce, that I found out was the same style of necklace he had purchased for his new girlfriend.  Yes, he actually just bought two of the same thing.  He was trying to live a dual life since he could never do anything by himself.  He never had the courage to be truly honest with me.  Even today, more than nine years after my birthday where he was able to say with conviction that he wanted a divorce, he has never once shared the truth about the end of our marriage, and I only with him the best.  Yet, I know emotionally catastrophic incidences in peoples’ lives never just go away.  They manifest themselves into something deeper and more hidden like sickness and dis-ease with one’s life.  At least until the energetic experience caught up in the body is truly released and allowed to be healed.  All of my experiences have excelled my bodies ability to heal itself and to mirror, guide and support transformative experiences for my friends, classes and clients.

Sessions are available in the privacy of your own home, in person or via Skype and are very powerful for your long term outlook on life and happyness.  Please give me a call to see how I can support you!  713-232-9796. Sparkles

Puff the Magic Dragon, Lives by the Sea…

This morning I woke up feeling like I was the nest for a thousand little bees that I couldn’t see!  After a visit to Urgent Care, I am now covered in Permethrine and Tea Tree Oil and I’m feeling great relief.  What does this have to do with Puff the Magic Dragon?  I’ll tell you.  The last time I saw Puff the Magic Dragon, I was riding on his tail across deep playa during Burning Man, and it was THE most fun I’d had in years.  The music that came out of the car as we drove to a distant party was like an all time hit list from my life.  Remember, it’s my manifestation so at first I was surprised to hear certain songs that only I knew, but then later all of my friends started to know more songs.  One of which, I’d never heard before but it goes, My Vagina is 8 miles Wide…  It’s hilarious.  The other songs that caught me were Rhinestone Cowboy and Knock on Wood.  No I am seriously dating myself.  The Point is that I can’t wait until next year when Burning Man returns to have THAT much fun again, do you?  Well, it doesn’t matter what you think, because we both know that NO ONE should have to wait to ride Puff the Magic Dragon to remember what feeling like a kid feels like while you’re an adult.

And that’s what I want to share with you, the fact that I’ve been searching for fun and it hit me in the face with a big white dragon blasting tunes from my past.  Which really sounds funny as I read this to myself.  Haha!

Since July 15th, when I left Austin for my road trip, I’ve had the privilege of house sitting for four of my friends and I’d like to share how they transcended my continual burning man experience…

  1.  At first when I arrived in Colorado, I went to Evergreen since I used to be so happy when I lived there, and you know what?  I found all my friend exactly where I had left them.  And it was so fantastic to see them, have them visit and just be around them.  I was actually starting to feel more comfortable that I’d felt in Texas.  Plus, everywhere I went, even among the grid, when I walked to a certain place, I would instantly remember being there years before, and exactly how that felt and even what I was wearing.  It was creepy and cool at the same time.  After being surprised by it happening once, I started to get used to the feeling and actually looked forward to bumping into past experiences.  Evergreen has grown up.  When I lived there, there were only a few young people like us.  Now, it’s changed and grown up.  Before I felt like I had a secret all to myself.  Now that secret is out!  I was about to leave a friends place, when they went on a surprise vacation and I offered to stay and take care of the dog and the house.  It all worked out so quickly as I had the opportunity to hang out with the Elk in my dear city.  This is when a beautiful male elk came to see me not one, not two, but three times in which he let me get close to him.  He was so beautiful.  I even cut up an apple and just about hand fed it to him.  Plus, hummingbirds started to buzz by me every single morning while I was camping and even while I was at my friends house.  I got used to it and even looked for it.  Even while camping all over the place including Gordon’s Gulch, where I got fully sniffed by a mamma bear that turned out to be injured and explains why she came out at night with her cub looking for food, I was communing with nature.  It’s just what I wanted so badly.  In Sunshine Canyon above Boulder I camped for about a week and every night would look up at the stars to see a massive Summer Triangle twinkling at me.  The next day I met some campers who later told me that they were there to see the meteor showers, when I looked confused and said, I never saw those, but did you see the Triangle?  And he said, No.  Agreeing with him, I said, yep, that was just for me!
  2. We were having fun camping in the Canyon when Zoe’s health just started plummeting, or she was just rebelling, it didn’t look good.  So, I reached out and found my friend’s roommate who was out of town as she offered her apartment in the house.  Staying there was like a dream.  We were safe and there was a yard and it was quiet and the bed was like a cloud.  One morning I woke up and didn’t know where my body was.  I couldn’t feel it, it was just floating in the air.  I slept so well.  And I even hosted a New Moon Wild Women’s Group while I was in the area which drew the most amazing women!  At one point my friend says to me, You mean I house you and you Heal me?  Yep, I said as I nodded.  While I was there, everyone was getting stung by wasps, so one morning I got up, sprayed the nests and when I got one from the ceiling, I put it in a Ziploc bag so everyone could see how beautiful it really is and how sturdy and strong they are.  Then, it went into my altar.  I questioned everything and was able to clear up lots of issues.  Plus, I energetically cleared out the entire house with many different Shaman to Feng Shui rituals and I could physically feel it start to hum in happyness and peace.  Plus, before I left, I had gotten a ticket to Burning Man and when I was going through my list, many items that I didn’t have were manifested and offered to me!  It was pure bliss.
  3. While I was at Burning Man, my friend kept the girls since upon my return I had planned to keep her dogs while house sitting her place.  When I returned, she had one day to spend with me and we had the best time getting mani/pedis and eating which is a joy after being at Burning Man.  Then, I found out that her dogs would be staying at her sisters place and the mail was stopped, so all I had to do was relax in her new house on the side of a mountain.  It was exactly what I had wished for:  A place in the mountains where I could write.  And I finally took time to read one of my manuscripts and it was so good I started editing it immediately, but stopped because I needed some help, which I later found.  I had to wash all of my stuff from the burn with vinegar and this is also where I loved being in a grand kitchen so much that I started to cook.  Plus, since I haven’t felt at home at a place of my own for awhile, this is pretty big for me.  I made waffles and Ayurvedic milk among other things.  I even watched Stranger Things during the full moon while the windows kept flashing with a far-off storm somewhere.  It was creepy and cool.  I slept like a rock.  The next day, I knew it was time to make the move permanent and headed back to Cypress to retrieve my computer, passport, bike and winter clothes.
  4. From Cypress, there was the amazing Oneness Spiritual Gathering where I had the opportunity to lead a Wild Women’s Group Ceremony, plus a Fairy experience that was truly amazing with so many stories and the rare opportunity to commune with nature giving the fairies the opportunity to meet us half way.  A few doctors appointments later, and a trip to Costco, I was back on the road to Colorado and this time I had to be in Denver by a certain time to give my girlfriend a ride to the airport and then take up residence in her condo for the month.  That’s where I am now, and this past weekend was the biggest full moon eclipse in years and we won’t be seeing the moon get so close to earth until 2034 or so.  Interestingly enough, again, I was feeling completely off kilter and my mind kept running so fast, with images and experiences just pulsing through my body like it was set to random on a music app.  Yet as I look back, it was after the full moon that I signed the lease for my new place in Telluride!  Finally, I can stop taking care of everyone else’s place and take care of my OWN.  That’s exactly what I’ve wanted for so long and it’s happening.

It’s my turn to take care of myself and it’s already started.  I’ve got an address in Telluride!

Forever For Now

After returning to Houston in 2007, I immediately registered for Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training in Austin, TX and during the nine months of training is where I learned about the early morning amrit veil hours.  It’s the time during every day where you are closest to the veil between this world and others.  Call if your higher powers or God, whatever you choose, but it’s where you can most clearly listen to inner voice.  To me, Amrit is the elixir, the sweet goodness, laughter and love.  It’s where you know why you are here on earth, it’s where your highest truth resides and it’s the one time you can access it the easiest throughout each day.  And that’s when we would wake up at 4:30am, and in the sikh tradition, take a cold shower to turn on the body and all it’s functions, and then meditate and chant.  It’s the same tradition as waking up early, praying or singing.  Same thang. After a year or two of waking up to sing Japji Sahib, which I would define as a prayer for life, I would go back to sleep.  Waking up a few hours later, I would have the most profound dreams and insights, visions and knowings that just inspired me for the rest of the day.  So this is where my training started.

During my time as a cancer patient, and going through chemo and radiation, I was consistent about waking up at 4:30am, sitting up in bed, turning on my phone to the Japji Song.  I’d sing along to all the words I knew, then I’d just listen and ultimately when it was over, I’d fall back to my pillow and back to sleep.  Again, I’d wake up and was able to recall all the amazing visits, discussions about my life, and other experiences.  This is one of the keys to my amazing response to all the therapy I had to endure to fight cancer.  Because I was running, dating and hosting Bunco parties while I was sick.  Hardly anyone knew I was even fighting cancer.  I was even recruited once I started chemotherapy and loved my job because it also kept my mind off of fighting cancer.  That was 2009.

My trainings continued as I went through a post therapy PTSD and this is where I barely left my room and fell into a deep depression.  I’d only leave to visit friends, or to visit my sacred area in the forest by the house, where I spent a lot of time with my dogs.  No one knew what was wrong with me, and neither did I. By then, I had lost my job and every new job opportunity would just vanish.  I couldn’t get anything right. Then, I just got tired of being the odd duck with no plans and sad all the time.  I also became an emotional eater and tried to stuff it all down with food.  Until, I woke up one day and said, my Life is worth so much more than this! I got a new Oncologist and it was Dr. O that interrupted me during a stupid dribble about my life to suggest that I try antidepressants.  WHA? Serious? Me?  He totally got me.  He understood what was happening, because no one else did.  And then I tried them and they worked but only for so long.  Then, they made me crazy and stopping took time.

Throughout this time, during cancer therapy and the post cancer PTSD, I worked and lived in Houston a few times and would always end up coming back to my parents house to relax and unwind when unemployed.  They were always there for me when I needed help.  Plus, I was a total mess.  Soon, I became a consultant when short term projects would come my way and that worked out great.  Plus, this gave me time to explore so many new pathways to enlightenment.  I read numerous books at the same time, and tried it all.  Whenever I’d leave the house, I’d stumble onto a new opportunity to learn and I’d go there.  By now, I was tired of living at home and just wanted out and on my own.

I’d manifested a cool new job in Austin, TX and as soon as the offer letter was signed, I blew out of Cypress as fast as I could.  I’d found my tribe of really cool, fun and conscious hippy-like friends from ecstatic dance, circling, you name it.  There was a huge community and it allowed me to finally let my hair down and relax in happyness with myself.  I continued to journal all of my experiences one by one because my now, I believed that they were happening as compared to my environment in Cypress where my parents didn’t believe.  Once I even got so mad while holding a glass of water, that I melted the glass inside the glass and as I drank the water, not knowing what was happening, it ended up solidifying at an angle.  I kept that glass even though my parents didn’t believe that I did anything.  They have always been the force to which I had to grow while they also supported me with the time to get there. I’d even read the first ten pages of Theta Healing, and tried it during my early morning meditation time which healed my dog after she had been in the emergency room because she couldn’t walk.  After I tried Theta healing, she never had a problem walking again. And for some reason, I still didn’t believe everything that was happening.  That’s why I had to leave for my very own road trip this summer.  It was because I missed colorado and desperately wanted to camp in the mountains.  And I did and it was amazing!

Combine all of my training and experiences together and now I offer healing sessions for friends and clients via Skype.  All of my sessions are completely confidential.  People have always told me things they never told their mother, so I’m comfortable with the information.  And a solution expert, I focus on the root cause and work both energetically, and through meridian tapping to help pull the obsolete program and replace it with love and abundance.  Just the other day I was working with a new client and my body always responds to what they are feeling so I get all sorts of clues and direction during the session.  Well, this client was physically holding onto a lot of shame, and guilt over abusive situations and I suggested that she detox.  She agreed to try drinking more water and eating better that week.  But it was the next morning I received a text from  her telling me that as soon as we finished our session she had to go to the bathroom to release, and well, she kept going to the bathroom throughout the night and by the next morning she had lost five pounds and had never weighed so little in years.  My energy work continues to expand and grow and as a mirror for my clients, we are achieving great success in short periods of time.

I’ve had many friends and advocates pass away due to Cancer and when one friend came to visit me, she didn’t know that she had passed.  She kept urging me to come with her and in my spiritual trance, with tears streaming down my cheeks, I kept shaking my head no.  Then, she shows me what it would have been like if I would have said Yes, by showing me ahead of me, my body just sinking against the wall.  you can imagine that this freaked me out, but still in this warped trance with her talking to me, she finally left me alone but not for long, when she tried to get me to come with her again.  You see I was driving towards town in Houston on a 8 lane highway when all of a sudden my phone makes the weirdest sound I’ve ever heard and it wakes me up to correct my driving as I was headed into another lane.  She tried to take me herself.  That’s when the grief set in and when I got to my destination, I just started crying so hard and my body would barely move from my seat.  I waited until I could function and took myself home directly.  The point is, that now when I am in sessions, I can also sometimes connect with others from the other side.  Once the portal is open, I am a witness which has helped many of my clients with closure for their family and friends on the other side.

What I enjoy currently is the fact that Kung Fu Panda 3 is a journey that explains the under world, while the series on Netflix called Stranger Things, talks about the under side.  More and more media is starting to venture into the other dimensions that have always been there.  Just like seeing fairies, it’s when we meet them half way and we are accepting of the experience do we open our own doors to enhanced perception.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a session from the comfort of your own home.  Sessions are typically 90 minutes and there are many ways to easily pay for the time.  Let me help you leap frog out of those old and outdated patterns and programs and into more abundance and joy.  Life is to be experienced!

With Love and Light,
Sparkle Sandy