Global Goddess Cultural Meditation Retreat


Global Goddess offers the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone right here in Houston and become more culturally aware of your surroundings during a two-hour healing retreat.  The goal is to introduce you to a new way of thinking and to explore new experiences and feelings within a cultural setting right here in your back yard.  Actually, I’ve been leading this first retreat for years with my family and cancer survivors I’ve met through CanCare and YSC.

We meet outside of the Rothko Chapel on a Saturday by 10am for group introductions and directions on how to proceed to our first cultural experience.  For me, the Rothko Chapel is part of my home since I was first introduced to the chapel during my Freshman year of Architecture school.  We were sent in for a chunk of time and then when we came out, the professor asked, “What did you see?”  Well, since then, I’ve been taking my favorite friends to visit the chapel and explaining how to sit and see what Rothko painted because it is a dynamic experience and changes each time you return.

Then, we will walk onto the University of St. Thomas campus, which is less than a block, towards St. Basil stopping at the labyrinth which is a replica of the one at Chartres in France, which I’ve also seen myself.  Here, with the water fountains tricking in the background, and the sun on our faces, we will experience a walking meditation towards the center of the labyrinth together.  Of course, I am leaving out all the little details that will make the Global Goddess retreat special for you when you join us, but now you know a bit more.

Then, we will end inside St. Basil that is a postmodern feat of design, and one that only Philip Johnson could create while during his retirement.  It is stunning with the concrete curtain wall, and granite wall slicing the gilded dome.  If you have never stepped foot inside this church, you will be amazed to see all of the sunlight warming the walls.

Within two hours we will have made a significant impact on each other as a group, and opened up new avenues of learning that you didn’t expect.  Like I always say, eating in the Taj Mahal your food will taste differently than when you are eating at home.  The same holds true for meditative experiences from an artist, nature and architecture.  Join me as we set off for a cultural journey right here in Montrose.

Register to attend via PayPal for $30 per person in advance since classes are limited and fill up fast.