Happyness Master Mind 7 Week Sojourn Starts June 20 4 or 7pm

A Master Mind is a group of people coming together for a common purpose to support and expand the group consciousness created together. Together we will also listen to and grow with each other towards new possibilities. This group is tailored for those available during the day this summer so that together we can shift easily towards increased happyness with others who are just like us. Together we will also definite the best time of day to continue. Feel free to invite others that you think would benefit from a Master Mind over the next seven weeks, because it will go quickly and setting our intention now is the beginning of the process.

The Happyness includes deep inner wellness, exploring, releasing andreceiving through seven different pathways. If you are ready to drop personal judgement and the inner critic, then this is for you. If you are ready to stop feeling as if you want to run away and join the circus, then this is for you! If you are ready to shift easily into a comfortable lifestyle where you feel more peaceful, grounded, and happy in your own skin, then this is for you. Make time for yourself and to come together via any device to focus on your own inner work. No one else can do this for you. Also knowing, that I am available for private sessions one on one when you are ready.

This will be a small group class and each week you are invited to make a love donation of $15 to join. Payments accepted via PayPal, Facebook or Venmo. If you feel called, you can make a larger donation at any time. This is an opportunity to work together with me as your guide through the Seven Pathways to Wellness and Happyness as a Master Mind Group.

Plus, I will be offering a later time option for those that have FT jobs on the same day each week. So if you can’t make the 4pm start time, there will also be a 7pm group #2 you can join.

There will be agreements made to start including: Time will be limited for each person to share so that we stay in agreement with our timing and focus for the class. You can also decide if your information is private or not. But together we will hold each others intentions throughout the week so that when we return the following week, we will continue up the curvilinear process towards manifesting our deepest desires.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have ANY questions @ 713-232-9796 or via text message. This first class we will come together to define both a group intention and our individual intentions, confirm our schedule and agreements to move forward. This is going to be GREAT fun! I am excited and thrilled to offer this weekly class. We will start with a short heart filled meditation before venturing down a new road. Have a big glass of water with you and a journal or peace of paper and a pen handy. Be ready for surprises!