HappYness Trifecta Healing Classes

Starting this month, as my intention is to share, teach and train as many as possible, I am thrilled to open my doors at Casa Castillo located in Cypress, TX for a monthly HappYness Trifecta Healing Class.  The Trifecta is the three part process I use to support your own growth and exponential healing for your journey.  It will go like this while you move through different states of energetic healing on your own:

  1. First we will introduce ourselves and discuss how our day is going and why we are there, to establish a common theme for the class. Then, I will train and explain how to use meridian tapping and why it works.  We will then working together, go through a group tapping class  to help uncover and find those limiting beliefs that have kept you feeling stuck or stagnant.
  2. Then, I will introduce Theta healing, explaining the principles of the energy work, and more importantly the why behind the process so that you can start to realize the benefits as we continue through a Theta healing process together.
  3. Finally, we will move into a Reiki process of group healing through which we will all be clearing out old energies and activating new paradigms needed for your own group conscious healing in class.

When you leave, you will be feel either completely relaxed or energized.  Everyone is different, but no matter what you will be more prepared to get a great nights sleep so that you’re body can continue working it’s way through to great access it’s own healing so that when you wake up, you will feel refreshed and ready to see the world with amazing glasses!

Classes will start Thursday, January 26th at 7pm in Cole’s Crossing.  Please contact me to confirm your seat, since seating is limited.  You will also receive the address and more details about the class.  The class is scheduled for the fourth Thursdays of each month in the evenings and a new class will start during the month on the second Wednesdays at 2pm.  I’m looking forward to meeting you all and sharing the evidence-based healing tools that I’ve used for years turning a Hot Mess into HappYness.