Messages from Mary Magdalene Workshop #2 Make Mary Male

Make Mary Male

Hard to believe that it got this far, but Dr. Asbo reported that within her extensive research on Mary Magdalene that many references were made to the fact that there was a rivalry between her and Peter.  Although Jesus would say to Peter, something to the effect that she could speak to the rest of the group because she knew more than he did!  This comes from the Gospel of Thomas (50 – 100 AD).  Jesus finally suggests that there might not be such a huff is she were male, so what would have happened if he could have made Mary male?  And I’m not talking about Mother Mary but Mary Magdalene herself.

Even her name denotes the fact that her faith resembled that of a Tower as her name literally means Mary the Tower.  She was the first one to see Jesus after the resurrection and goes on to teach the teachers or in other terms, she is the apostle to the apostles when they were uncertain of the future.  She had more than enough strength to persevere after Jesus ascended.

The Gospel of Mary was found in 1895 and had seven pages missing.  Each page had 22 lines of text and each line had 22 characters.  50 years later, the gospel is finally translated.

In the Gospel of Thomas
Logion 22: Convergrence:

Yeshua noticed infants nursing
and said to his students,
“These little ones taking milk
are like those on their way into the kingdom.”

So they asked him,
“If we too are ‘little ones’
are we on our way into the kingdom?”

Yeshua replied,
“When you are able to make two become one,
the inside like the outside,
and the outside like the inside,
the higher like the lower,
so that a man is no longer male, and a woman, female,
but male and female become a single whole;
When you are able to fashion an eye to replace an eye,
and form a hand in place of a hand, or a foot for a foot,
making one image supersede another —
then you will enter in.”

The discussion continued to focus on three main topics:

1.  Rather than the notion of Original Sin, the discussion focuses on the idea that there was a Divine Spark!  And that we must Awaken to Wisdom as humankind needs to be saved from ignorance.  When actually the word sin comes archery and means to miss the mark.  That’s it.  The thought is that, so what if you missed the mark, you are perfect inside and out.

2.  The true integration of masculine and feminine will manifest as you bring forth your soul’s deepest desires or it will kill you from within!

3.  And lastly, Making Mary Male as in the Gospel of Thomas, the point is to be fully male and fully female which would be a state of Anthropos.  And that the good is in our midst.

*Granted, my notes are a big fuzzy and it was at the end of a three day learning spree with Kayleen, but it’s been bubbling up inside me and just had to come out.  Thank you for your patience.