Off the Grid )'( Into My Heart

While working in Austin, I was originally planning to attend a retreat in Colorado which was scheduled for August. But what happened, was completely off the grid and out of the ordinary.  And more importantly, it was amazing!  First, my job just wasn’t cutting the mustard, so we parted ways in July.  Second, I had waited in Austin to finish a project with the Department of Defense for the Breast Cancer Research Program.  And when it was over, I was ready to leave but wasn’t sure how it would look since I was running out of resources.  Enter in faith, trust, an open heart and a led foot.  Before I knew it, I was crossing into Colorado and seemingly out of no where I started to cry.  I was so happy to be returning after so many years.  You see, Houston was my home, where I came from, and now it was the place of my illness, for putting myself back together after an international divorce and being forced to relocate back to the US.  Colorado was my happy place and exactly just how I left it ten years earlier.  It was just waiting for me to return.

Even though I had planned to visit Colorado at the end of August and had contacted my friends in advance, all of a sudden I realized that I was a bit early…  With tears in my eyes, I called my childhood friend who was the first one I’d see on my way to the mountains, yet she thought I would be arriving weeks later.  I called her.  You’re where? She says…  Come on over! And that’s how my time blossomed into reconnecting to my heart.  Michele was the first of many open arms, open hearts and opportunities to learn in the process.

You see I love to camp.  I am a mountain mama at heart.  And I secretly can’t wait to drive my next jeep off roading and to go snowboarding again because I also love the snow.  Since my budget was nonexistent, Michele took me to Walmart to purchase camping equipment since I was determined to spend time in the mountains, under fabulous trees camping with my dogs Zoe and Giselle.  Along the way I met the Rainbow tribe, got fully sniffed by a mamma bear in the middle of the night, and circled by coyotes twice before deciding to move back to Colorado.  You see, I’d left my heart there all along.

Little did I know that my road trip would also include staying in three new castles and a trip to Burning Man. I kept thinking, just how is this supposed to happen?  And then, as soon as I quit thinking the universe would jump over itself making sure I got there in style.  My friends were building new homes, including Michele and so I had the pleasure of spending time on the ground under trees and in lovely homes with so many great friends.  Thank you to everyone I had the pleasure of visiting from the Sherwoods, to the Solomons, a community hamlet on Iris Court, and all those at Burning Man especially Anna Banana, Dr. Awkward, Door Mouse and everyone at camp.

Today, I am back in Houston to gather my winter wardrobe, finally getting back online with my IMAC and then heading back to Colorado after this weekend’s gathering in Livingston, TX for Medicine for the People, September 23-25.  I am excited to lead the Wild Women’s Sacred Circle Friday night at 8pm, Saturday morning Fairy Experience, Private Sessions throughout the day, Opening Circle Ceremony for Earth Dance Saturday night, and then finally the White Tantric Partner Meditation Workshop Sunday morning before Sound Healing.  All by donation.  All because I will always call Texas my birth-home.

Then, it’s back to Colorado to start teaching yoga, scheduling Fall classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions leading to larger retreats and my first international retreat in 2017 to Peru.  Details to come.

Sparkle Sandy